―YouTube to Second Coming and Green.

YouTube (Character) is a character and an antagonist in AvA series. It serves as the main antagonist of Animation vs. YouTube. It is a facial personification of the website, being able to control all of its offered features against any adversaries.

The YouTube videos, known as YouTube's temporary subordinates are the secondary antagonists.

Powers and abilities 

  • Body Part Generation: YouTube can generate hands, via the use of Likes & Dislikes and Annotations. He can use theses as weapons, offensively. Additionally, YouTube can create an unlimited set of hands, and other things with Annotations. However, this can be stopped if they destroy the Like & Dislike buttons and disable the annotations.
  • Video Manipulation: YouTube can manipulate the videos on YouTube and use it to his own will, as he uses the videos to block the Stick Figures from reaching the "Exit Full-screen Button". He can take control of any video, which means he doesn't need to click on it with his hands similar to a keyboard. He uses people's lines in videos, very skillfully, to communicate with the Stick Figures and also makes painful noises whenever he gets hurt. He uses this ability to manipulate the videos so skillfully that it causes direct damage to the Stick Figures.


  • YouTube has no control over the ad pop-ups, as seen from when an ad showed up, YouTube also has to wait for the timer to skip the ad. An ad pop-up was also used against it when The Second Coming used the pop-up to smash one of the hands.
  • YouTube can't attack entities when they are uploaded as a video and inside the player box, as shown when Green was uploaded onto the website. This was shown when YouTube tried to punch Green repeatedly but nothing was happening until Green split the player box. This lead to YouTube's defeat.
  • If YouTube's Like and Dislike hands are hit a couple of times with something heavy (Like the stick figures' couch for example) they will shake violently then explode.
  • If the video is not in full screen, the stick figures can escape.

Killed By

Minor Annoyances

  • Product ads that delay the video in till the "Skip Button" are usable.


  • YouTube's (Character) name was Confirmed to be "YouTube" by Alan Becker when he Called YouTube (Character) "YouTube" in his Behind the Scenes of Animation vs. YouTube


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