Yellow is one of the Fighting Stick Figures.


Animation vs Animator IV

We can see Yellow when he's fighting Green, Blue and Red. Noogai3 deletes him with other FSF and Emoji's. At The End we can see him wi FSF playing cards.

Animation vs Minecraft

Yellow helps Blue, Green and The Second Coming defeat Red.

Yellow really likes to use redstone. He is very fast, and uses that to his advantage.


  • Yellow is the best among the other stick figure in building redstone. This can be seen from the feats that he has done.
    1. Building a beacon contraption 20 seconds into Minecraft. (Animation Vs Minecraft)
    2. Creating a working excavator. (AVM Shorts Episode 2)
    3. Building a roller coaster(However it did not exactly end well, due to #minecraftphysics). (AVM Shorts Episode 3).
    4. Building an entire contraption of music blocks. (AVM Shorts Episode 5)
    5. Mastering command blocks. (AVM Shorts Episode 6)
  • In the end on Animation vs Minecraft, Yellow picks up the League of Legends app. It could be seen from there that Yellow has the Slayer(Assassin/Skirmisher) role, has 807 hp and has the spells heal and ghost. He also has 500 coins.
  • Alan describes Yellow as the brains of the group, and as an engineer.


Screenshot 2017-10-26 at 11.38.59 AM

Yellow disappearing...


Yellow in Animation vs Animator Card Game

Screenshot 2017-11-18 at 9.56.36 AM
Yellow Stick Figure


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