Yellow is one of the Fighting Stick Figures, who first appeared in Animator vs. Animation IV. Their main skills in Minecraft are redstone engineering and building.


Animation vs Animator IV

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When The Second Coming visited the webpage, Yellow joined Blue and Green in fighting each other. The Second Coming threw himself in after Red had joined as well. They gave him a warm welcome, then asked him to show them out, as they were too scared to go themselves. The Second Coming then showed them and they followed him out to Alan's Facebook page.

Animation vs Minecraft

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After The Second Coming, Green and Blue had all used Minecraft for their own interests, Yellow quickly took it away from Blue and made a beacon pyramid and stained glass to change the beacon's beam color. The other three sat and watched, interested, as he combined Red, Green and Blue to change the bean to various other colors. Red then joined and seemed incredibly interested in the block. Red then punched him and took the block for himself. After climbing back up the side of The Second Coming's House, Red built a row of cobblestone, knocking him back down. Red then escaped to the STORAGE folder.

Yellow then gathered the equipment given to him and the others by The Second Coming so that they could track down Red. They entered the STORAGE folder where they found hordes of zombies emerging from the files. Yellow attacked them with somersaults and quick swords strikes, soon defeating them. They then found the STUFF folder and entered it.

They then found the zombie spawner and mined it. After feeling lucky that it was over, a wave of arrows started impaling the four. They constructed a dirt barrier and tried to figure out how to get past. Yellow decided to use a dispenser and build it into the barrier. He then attached a button and added some arrows. He then started firing back at the skeletons.

He started collecting arrows then stood back and let Blue take over. He lit a block of TNT with a flint and steel and threw it at a skeleton shooting from above. It killed the skeleton but released a creeper from one of the files. Somehow, he missed the creeper sneaking its way in between Yellow and the others, which then lit itself. Yellow ran back as the explosion caused him to take damage. Luckily, it killed all of the skeletons in their path with the arrows that had flown away.

They recovered from the explosion then headed towards the other side of the file. However, another creeper had snuck up from behind, which Yellow quickly knocked away as it exploded, revealing a secret passageway which they then started mining.

They found more creepers and skeletons on the other side, which they quickly finished off. They destroyed the two mob spawners and then recovered their health by eating apples. They spotted Red on the far side of the cave, who they took turns approaching. Yellow attempted to evade Red's lines of cobblestone that he was building, but he ended up being knocked back anyways.

After Green finally knocked Red to the ground, he stood up and knocked Green back. Red then built MegaStick and started attacking the four defending stick figures. They tired various ways of breaking through the cobblestone, which were all unsuccessful, then realized that they could mine it. They managed to break its legs before Red reinforced it with obsidian. They then realized that they were doomed as Yellow was grabbed along with Green and Blue and stomped on repeatedly. The Second Coming quickly grabbed two diamond pickaxes and started mining. He managed to break off one block before Red focused his attention on The Second Coming. Yellow, Green and Blue then watched in horror as The Second Coming was repeatedly slammed against the ground. They quickly grabbed him out just in time and dashed for the exit.

Back outside, they tried to find what they had that they could use against Red's MegaStick. They then stood together facing where Red was about to come out, ready with obscure tools such as Yellow's fishing rod. When Red finally arrived, he searched for the hiding stick figures. After Green had thrown out his fishing line, Yellow cast his out and hooked it to MegaStick. They tied him up as The Second Coming tripped him and Blue knocked Minecraft out of his hands by planting a jungle tree underneath him.

They then fought hard to keep it out of Red's hands. Yellow managed to pull Red to the ground after he had pulled The Second Coming down. They managed to make it to the Recycle Bin and throw Minecraft inside. This resulted in clearing the desktop of all Minecraft blocks placed. This also killed Herobrine and left Red sitting, feeling guilty. They embraced him, though, and then headed off.

Yellow picked up the League of Legends logo from the taskbar.

Animation vs. YouTube

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  • Yellow is the best among the other stick figure in building redstone. This can be seen from the feats that he has done.
    1. Building a beacon contraption 20 seconds into Minecraft. (Animation Vs Minecraft)
    2. Creating a working excavator. (AVM Shorts Episode 2)
    3. Building a roller coaster(However it did not exactly end well, due to #minecraftphysics). (AVM Shorts Episode 3).
    4. Building an entire contraption of music blocks. (AVM Shorts Episode 5)
    5. Mastering command blocks. (AVM Shorts Episode 6)
    6. Creating a working combine harvester. (AVM Shorts Episode 17)
    7. Creating a dancing toy robot. (which abuses minecraft redstone physics) (AVM Shorts Episode 17)
    8. Creating a bear which can open its mouth and show its teeth. (AVM Shorts Episode 17)
  • In the end on Animation vs Minecraft, Yellow picks up the League of Legends app. It could be seen from there that Yellow has the Slayer(Assassin/Skirmisher) role, has 807 hp and has the spells heal and ghost. He also has 500 coins.
  • Yellow picked up the League of Legends logo from the taskbar.


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Yellow disappearing...


Yellow in Animation vs Animator Card Game

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Yellow Stick Figure


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