Yahoo! Messenger is an app with a smiley face that appears on Animator vs Animation 3.


It has a purple oval with a white Y and has a purple ! and has a Smiley, Yellow, Happy Face. The face is a :D

Yahoo! Apps

  • Yahoo! Games
  • Search
  • Mail
  • Messenger
  • Other Yahoo! Apps

Powers and Abilities

  • Biting.


  • He can be downloaded.
  • You can see Yahoo flying out of the Recycle Bin when the two stickmen make the giant vortex explosion.
  • He was born on December 5, 1978, but first appeared in August 2000 when the first Yahoo! emoticons were introduced.
  • When he jumps, the sound effect is identical to when Mario jumps.
  • Yahoo Messenger's face expressions are typable, such as :D D: X( :(.

Website of Yahoo!


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