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Virabot was a virus that served as the main antagonist in The Virus and The Chosen One's Return. Originally discovered in ALANSPC out of nowhere, it was revealed to be an engineered weapon of chaos created and sent by The Dark Lord.


ViraBot is a spider-shaped virus that has a dark red body, with a light red outline. The body is oval-shaped, with jaws with a small horn on either side of the jaws. Virabot has two back legs that it stands on and fights with, and also has two front arms that it fights with, and uses abilities with.


Animator vs. Animation Shorts

Episode 1: The Virus

The Virabot is discovered in Noogai's computer by Second Coming and Noogai after they finish an animation. Noticing his computer's high CPU temperatures, he discovers an app called Virabot.exe taking up most of the CPU's power. Both The Second Coming and Alan try deleting and eventually breaking open the app, but it releases the true threat inside. The virus quickly destroys Noogai's mouse cursor and easily defeats the 5 stick figures in combat and eventually traps them in its webbing. As he prepares to kill them, the virus is knocked back by an explosion, revealing a portal and a strange stick figure emerges. Deciding to end the Stick's lives later, Virabot engages the mysterious being in a brutal battle.

Episode 2: The Chosen One's Return

Revealed as The Chosen One, Virabot engaged him in a highly destructive battle. First, it tries fighting The Chosen One but is outmatched in physical combat. It tries hitting him with its corrosive spines but it is found The Chosen One is immune to its corrosive nature. Knocked back by a flame of fire and wall of lasers, it retreats into the computer's windows and forms a giant version of itself with the computer's broken windows. Initially gaining the upper hand through sheer volume of attacks, The Chosen One forms an aura of power surrounding him and punches the computer's taskbar, purifying anything the Virus has created such as webbing and window pieces. The virus is found in a storage file and The Chosen One begins his final assault. He first punches and kicks the virus with enhanced speed and reflexes, then traps it in a tornado to hold it in places. Soon, the virus is rained upon by lightning, lasers, and fire. With one final punch, The Chosen One destroys the virus and it vanishes into nothing, ending its short-lived destruction.

Episode 3: The Flashback

It is shown in this episode that the Virabot was originally created by The Dark Lord. The Chosen One witnesses a showcase involving The Dark Lord stabbing a globe resting on a table with a spike. Upon contact, the globe and table dissolve into red binary code. The Chosen One then has a vision of the future of spiders that The Dark Lord created to destroy all stick figures and is unnerved. Upon deciding that the spider is finished, The Dark Lord took its egg and loaded it into a gun aimed at a certain computer among others. The Chosen One saw it was Noogai's (ALANSPC) and despite remembering their bitter past, he relented firing it. The Dark Lord, however, wouldn't relent and was eventually tired of his friend's reconsideration. This resulted with the two former friends engaging in a short but vicious duel, ending with The Dark Lord's defeat but the cannon firing. As The Chosen One races after the egg, he is stopped by the firewall while the egg lands in Noogai's computer, setting the scene for the second episode. In the end, the Virabot was defeated.


ViraBot has many abilities that all come down to being combat-equipped arachnid virus based.

  • Corrosive Nature: Virabot's physiology allows it to dissolve anything it comes into contact with. It has been shown being able to destroy thick walls, the weapons of the Second Coming, and even the walls of the Stick's flash game. Its spines also have the same effect. It also managed to destroy Noogai's cursor. However, they cannot affect powerful beings such as The Chosen One.
  • Throwing Spines: ViraBot can make small spines used to throw at objects which will spread the same destructive corrosion through whatever it touches. When the throwing ViraBlade hits something, it will dissolve said object. It has been shown throwing them at great speeds and accuracy
  • Combat Blade: ViraBot can also create blades on its front arms to use as a melee weapon. ViraBot can make the blade bigger.
  • Webbing: ViraBot can produce webbing, firing it out like a ball and sticking whatever it touches to the next surface it touches. This is mostly used to immobilize its enemies. The Sticks cannot break free despite being capable warriors in their own right.
  • Enhanced Speed: ViraBot has immense speed. It can dash forward at extremely fast.
  • Enhanced Strength and Combat: In combat, Virabot has been shown defeating all 5 Sticks with relative ease. It shows great combat skills and proficiency with its weapons. When fighting The Chosen One, it proved such a great threat, the Chosen One was forced to deploy all his power to defeat it.
  • Enhanced Durability: Even without hatching from its Virabot.exe icon, it has been shown surviving direct hits from a hammer struck by The Second Coming. It was temporarily knocked back by a rocket but recovered quickly. It remained unfazed by the assault of kicks and punches from all 5 sticks. It survived the powerful kicks of The Chosen One, was relatively unharmed when its arm was severed off and forced The Chosen One to use all his abilities in a final attempt to kill it.


  • ViraBot's full name is ViraBot 2000(according to the subtitles), which suggests that there was a ViraBot 1000.
  • While the Dark Lord was showing The Chosen One a Combat Blade, it made the globe and the table disappear, but not the floor.
    • The globe returns later with the subtitles: globe is back NANI?



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