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How would they be ranked strengthwise? Take a look!

Tier lists are basically how strong a character is. The tiers are S, A, B, C, D, K, and the strength is from very strong to weak, in that order.

Do note that the tiers are only made by comparing the character with other characters in the same episode. An example is in Animation vs Animator 1, where both the animator and the animation are ranked strongest because they are the only two characters in the episode. If compared to other episodes, they may have different tier rankings.

Tier list for AVA 1

S Tier (Strongest):


In Animation vs Animator 1, the animator's powers mostly comes from drawing weapons and items to help himself in battle.

However, it could be said that the animator and the victim's abilities and strengths are equally balanced, as the only reason that the animator could win was due to the cursor able to reach the 'x' button and closing the tab.


In Animation vs Animator 1, the animation(victim) does not have any special abilities, it mostly fights using abode flash player tools as weapons.

However, just like the animator, it could be said that the animator and the victim's abilities and strengths are equally balanced, as the only reason that victim could overpower the animator was by cloning itself.

Tier list for AVA 2

S Tier (Strongest):

Animator (Adobe Flash Player)

AVA 2 is the first episode where the fight between the animator and the animation(stick figure) takes place outside of Adobe Flash Player. This causes the power of the animator to differ in different places. In Adobe Flash Player, the animator still retain the god-like abilities, being able to 'summon' weapons that he prepared and use them to fire at The Chosen One. Sadly, The Chosen One escapes from Adobe Flash Player, which renders the animator's preparations useless.

The Chosen One

The Chosen One is one of, if not the most strongest and skillful stick figure in the AVA universe. It was the only stick figure that showed the ability to smash through the page and escape just like breaking a window. Not only so, it was able to shoot lasers out from its eyes, has pyrokinesis(ability to control fire), cryokinesis(ability to control ice, as seen when he freezes Mozilla Firefox), not to say he is super strong and is fast enough to dodge bullets. He would have already won in this episode if it was not for...

Avast! Antivirus

The Avast! Antivirus is possibly the strongest app up until AVA IV(Herobrine and Youtube may be stronger), it can use unlimited thunderbolts as trapping devices and a chest to cage any enemy. Sadly, it only did so in this episode possibly due to two conditions for it to work: 1. Someone needs to activate it and 2. It has to be able to label the stick figure as a virus.

A Tier:


The AIM is very close to The Chosen One's abilities, being as agile as the stick figure. Sadly it is not as durable as The Chosen One as it was killed by a tab squashing on it(which ironically is a AIM Messenger tab).


Mozilla Firefox is also very strong, as it can fly, breathe fire and is also very fast. Sadly it was stopped by The Chosen One's abilities to freeze enemies.

B Tier:

My Computer

No, it's the icon that everyone has. It is actually pretty good in battle, being able to use a mouse to punch, use discs as projectiles and a firewall,which protects itself from The Chosen One's fire breathing abilities. However, having no legs and unable to fly, it can only do small jumps and causes it to be relatively slow.

C Tier:

Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Adobe Photoshop has a very good ability of being able to shoot lasers. However, just like the My Computer icon it has no legs but worse than My Computer, it can't move at all. It works more like a sentry than a fighter.

K Tier:

Animator (Desktop)

When the animator leaves Adobe Flash Player, it could be understood if he cannot fight as much. However, he doesn't seem to try to do much, as the only things he did that helped in stopping The Chosen One was start Avast! Antivirus.



The abilities of programmer021 are questionable as he/she did not do anything onscreen. However, he/she may actually be extremely good at fighting stick figures that come to life as he/she is the first person noogai3 goes to. From how calm he/she was when noogai3 mentioned about 'the stick figure', we could say he/she is at least experienced.

Tier list for AVA 3

S Tier (Strongest):

The Chosen One

The Chosen One retains his abilities from before. He is also shown to be able to take a lot of hits.
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The Dark Lord

Although The Chosen One beat him, The Dark Lord is equal to (or stronger than) The Chosen One. His energy balls are pretty strong. Part of the reason The Dark Lord lost is because of the battlefield. If Minesweeper wasn’t there, he would have been tossed off the Solitaire window instead, which is much less harmful.

A Tier:


Clippy is a pretty formidable guy. He has a wide range of abilities, from morphing to drawing with text. He seems to be quite resilient too, as he stopped a punch from The Chosen One. However the durability goes down with every hit, which is why after a while The Chosen One was able to tie him up like that. It wouldn’t have been as easy if it was the beginning of the fight.


Firefox is like a miniature Dark Lord. It can fly, it can shoot fire/energy balls, and it is powerful. It seems to be extremely aggressive at times, and other times it just sits and watches, like when IE and Skype were pushing around The Chosen One. Firefox is powerful, but not enough to be in the S Tier.
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AIM is also a powerhouse. Although he was weaker than normal, he was still at his A-game. (Above all those at their B-game) AIM is still a powerful foe for The Chosen One, even though he was nerfed in AVA 3.

B Tier:


Skype is like a miniature AIM. His fighting style is effective against The Chosen One, just like AIM, and he possesses lots of strength. He has high attack too, and can also pick up stuff.

Animator (Microsoft Word)

In Microsoft Word, the animator was still quite strong, as he could type words as attacks against The Chosen One.

C Tier:


Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 6.45.35 PM


iTunes is basically an aerial assault ship with the disc. The disc basically gives it all the power. It’s spinning rapidly, so if someone gets hit it will hurt. But, like Google Chrome, it is a Glass Cannon. The disc is fragile.

Google Chrome

Chrome is like a Glass Cannon. It has high attack power but low defense. Its laser packs a punch, but its extremely low defensive abilities drop it to the C tier. And it’s a target, since a general would want to get rid of the powerhouses in the other army first, right?


While Orbit was the first to get defeated, it wasn’t the weakest. It’s just because it was the only one that charged forth besides Google Chrome, and Chrome was just providing support. Orbit’s arrow has a lot of power, but it has low accuracy.
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D Tier:

VLC media player

VLC is like a nerf. It reduces the effectiveness of the wearer. VLC is cool, and it is extremely durable, but nerfs aren’t that effective against The Chosen One.

Windows Movie Maker

WMM was basically a weaker version of Skype. Its attacks were basically punching and whacking The Chosen One, like Skype’s were. And WMM was exploited by the virus stickman, since he used it as a weapon.

K Tier (Weakest):

Internet Explorer

IE was a little more than an annoyance. Most of the time it just watched the fight. The little time it did it was very weak.


Yahoo! Messenger was pretty much just an annoyance for The Chosen One. And a projectile. He was weak in this movie. (I apologize if you’re a Yahoo! fan).
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iTunes music note

The iTunes icon is also relatively weak. All is can do to fly around as a mere annoyance and becomes immobile once its disk breaks.

Animator (Desktop)

Just like in AVA 2, the animator could have put in a bit more effort in fighting with The Chosen One, however, when in the desktop, the animator has yet again left all the work for The Dark Lord and other icons.

Tier list for AVA IV

S tier:

Animator (Computer)

In AVA IV, the animator finally becomes the main fighter(and the only one) against the stick figure(s) ever since AVA 1. In AVA IV, Alan starts to use Control Keys and the Task Manager, which gives him literal god-like abilities in the fight against The Second Coming, since he can delete anything he wants, which is what he does when he sees the stick figures coming to life. However this did not work on The Second Coming, which makes the fight a lot tougher.

The animator also seems to have learnt his lesson, as he no longer puts all the work on desktop icons.

The Second Coming

The Second Coming seems to have the 'ghost' of The Chosen One, as he is the Chosen One's Return, which might or might not explain why he is so agile and skillful at fighting. However in comparison with The Chosen One, The Second Coming is more of a character that fights using knowledge. This could be seen from that instead of using lasers, fireballs and lifting large objects as weapons, The Second Coming makes a tough fight by making it a wild goose chase instead. The Second Coming does so by making inappropriate comments on Facebook by somehow creating letters out of nowhere(so the animator has to apologize), going into and eventually out the animator's phone using Dropbox and almost dialing 911(which is illegal if you don't have reasons to dial it), then finally finish off the animator('s cursor) by building a laser gun out of Adobe Flash tools. The Second Coming seems to be able to learn really quickly,as he learned how to fight just mere seconds after seeing the fighting stick figures fighting.

The Second Coming could have also drew other characters to fight with the animator, but they were also deleted very quickly.

A tier:

Fighting Stick Figures

The fighting stick figures didn't actually fight against the animator, however from how they fought against The Second Coming at the end of the video, it is fair to say they're somewhere in the A tier(although they lost).

B Tier

Animator (Phone)

The animator is greatly disadvantaged when The Second Coming goes inside his phone, since he can literally only use one finger, so he cannot do much direct damage against the stick figure, he can only stop it from creating more trouble. However, having no physical form in the phone also gives an advantage, the stick figure cannot attack him, but only create trouble(like dialing 911).

K Tier:

Facebook emojis

They didn't really do anything, except for jumping around. However if they tried, they would be like the Yahoo! icon in AVA III.

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