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The Virus
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date August 19, 2018
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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The Chosen One's Return - AVA Shorts Episode 2
The Virus is the 1st installment for the Animator vs. Animation Shorts series. It was released on YouTube on August 19th, 2018.


The Virus - Animator vs

The Virus - Animator vs. Animation Shorts - Episode 1

Watch it here before reading spoilers

The episode starts with Alan Becker animating. His new friend, The Second Coming (AKA Orange) walks into Adobe Animate and asks if he needs help. Alan replies that he wants his animation to look more natural, so he proceeded to watch The Second Coming work. The Second Coming creates two stick figures to help him spruce it up. One stick figure erases, while the other changes the frame, while The Second Coming draws. He then plays the animation again, and Alan is greatly satisfied. Alan and The Second Coming do a secret handshake to celebrate. Suddenly, a sound from the computer starts to get really loud. Alan puts his hand on the computer and pulls it away because of the heat.

The Second Coming checks the thermometer, and it reads 92°C. Alan uses Task Manager to check which apps are running, and a different app called ViraBot is running more than 90% of his computer's memory. The Second Coming and Alan both try to shut it down, but they are denied access, and all attempts fail. Alan and The Second Coming then notice a file called ViraBot.exe. Alan moves it to the trash, but it returns. He puts it in the trash again and empties it, but it reappears again. The Second Coming then asks for a hammer, which Alan draws for him. He picks up the heavy hammer with his strength, then uses it to repeatedly bash the file, which causes it cracks open like an egg, and ViraBot, a red spider-like virus comes out. The Second Coming tried to completely demolish ViraBot, but it seems that the ViraBot is resilient and desperately tries to destroy The Second Coming and The Animator's cursor, The animator and The Second Coming work together to try and defeat the virus, They used missiles, barriers, a rocket launcher, and surprisingly a fly swatter, but it showed no effect on the virus, which devours the pencil tool used to create those objects. ViraBot then tries to kill The Second Coming but Alan grabs ViraBot and then starts to smash the ViraBot using the Adobe Animate tab. The Second Coming goes to Google Chrome to see his friends sweltering in the heat of the overheated CPU and are trying to cool off. The Second Coming knocks on the door, and he explains his friends about the crisis involving the farce with ViraBot.

Just then, ViraBot manages to enter Google Chrome and pops up malware in the additional tabs. ViraBot disintegrates the residence's entire walls, but Alan came to the scene and tries to smash the virus into the wall. However, the virus escapes the grip and destroys Alan's cursor. The stick figures were shocked. Alan tries to hurt the virus using his pen to no avail. Alan tries to create a new cursor, but ViraBot disintegrates the controls menu, stopping Alan dead in his tracks. This left the stick figures to fend against the virus themselves. They fought vigilantly and nearly gained the upper hand, but ViraBot threatened to hurt Blue if they got closer. ViraBot started to fight back quite skillfully, and at one point in battle, started to generate a sticky silklike substance (?) from its mouth (?). The virus fired this silk at Red, who finds himself stuck to the wall. Totally incapacitated, The Second Coming's friends then get stuck to the wall by the Virabot's web. The Second Coming tried to rescue his friends. The Second Coming, however, wasn't so lucky. ViraBot shoots another blob of silk (?) and traps the Second Coming's foot. As the virus was about to finish off The Second Coming, an explosion knocked it back. It was shown to be a portal and a mysterious stick figure came out, shocking Alan and the stick figures. The mysterious stick figure revealed himself to be "The Chosen One" and proved his existence even when Alan's old computer was destroyed. The Chosen One and ViraBot prepare to face each other in a fierce battle. ViraBot readies its blades, and The Chosen One erupts fire from his hands. The two lunge toward each other, ending the episode with a "to be continued".


  • The Second Coming
  • Alan Becker
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • ViraBot
  • The Chosen One
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