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AVA Shorts Episode 4: The Showdown or simply The Showdown is the fourth and final episode in the Animator vs. Animation Shorts series. It showcases an epic showdown fight between The Dark Lord and The Chosen One.

The lead action director for the episode guzzu teased the combat scene by providing a short animatic[1] on YouTube on February 11, 2020. On June 13th of the same year, Becker announced in AVM Shorts Episode 18 that the scheduled release for it is sometime during the summer.[2] It instead released on the 24th of October[3].


After his battle with the ViraBot, The Chosen One flies back to his world, trailed by The Second Coming and company. Exiting the IP barrier, he flies down to a house near a cliffside, while the Stick Gang fall into the nearby bay. Landing down and opening the door inside, he sees the Dark Lord, having survived his punch from their last fight. Before the Dark Lord could react, he is immediately punched and thrown through the wall of the house and knocked back. The unrelenting Chosen One, angered by his former friend's actions, quickly goes on the offensive and punches him into the cliffside. The Dark Lord lands on an outcropping safely and launches a fireball at his direction, destroying a portion of the cliff. As he flies back to the house, his path is cut off by an immense laser beam and promptly struck by another one. The Chosen One kicks him near the water level and flies upwards, the Dark Lord retaliating back with consecutive fireballs but misses. Both combatants enter the water and the Chosen One flies forward, punching his opponent out of the water and into a side of the cliff. As a stunned Dark Lord watches, the Chosen One flies menacingly towards him before charging ahead.

Elsewhere, the Stick Gang manages to climb out of the water and arrive near the house. A curious Red looks at 7 locked hatches and then opens the door to the house. Inside, they see a computer, while Yellow and Blue look down and see more inactive Virabots. Red and Green look at the computer and see the portals on-screen are activated and linked to an unknown location. Red sees a black and red band and plays around with it. A slip leads him to accidentally opening the hatch doors. Meanwhile, The Chosen One manages to grab the Dark Lord and attempts to laser his opponent, but the Dark Lord pushes his head upwards, causing the beam to harmlessly fire into the sky. Unaware of the open portals, they fly in. They arrive in a YouTube video of Animator vs Animation Shorts 4: The Showdown, with both fighters pausing the video at certain moments to injure their adversary. They fly out again and land in a Twitter page. The Chosen One lands on the bottom and the Dark Lord kicks him down and through the website. They land at the front page of Reddit, destroying a post and causing another to increase in upvotes. The Chosen One grabs the Dark Lord and pushes him into another portal, into the search page of Google. The Dark Lord quickly uses the site to his advantage by typing "do a.." and uses the barrel roll easter egg to knock the Chosen One away. They land at a Twitch stream and the Dark Lord uses the rapid wall of message to injure the Chosen One, before he is knocked away and lands into the Wikipedia Globe. The Chosen One punches his enemy into the globe, destroying it, and they land into a Discord server. The Chosen One scrolls upwards, causing the profile's pictures to knock and stun the Dark Lord before using his laser vision to knock him back into their own world. The Dark Lord stops his momentum from the attack and launches a fireball, which hits the unsuspecting Chosen One. Stunned and hurtling, he is grabbed by the Dark Lord and punched into the water below, knocked unconscious. Satisfied, the Dark Lord flies back to his house. Seeing the immensely powerful being flying towards them, the Stick Gang hide in the nick of time. The Dark Lord enters and closes the portals. Thinking he is unseen, he attached the band to his wrist, causing his eyes to glow and a black and red beam of energy to shoot into the sky, momentarily darkening the world. The Chosen One recovers but sees the beam and grows uncertain.

The Dark Lord, now more powerful, flies towards his opponent, eager to end the fight. The Chosen One tries to attack but is knocked back by a flurry of kicks and punches. He attempts to use his laser, but the beam is now ineffective to the Dark Lord, who promptly knocks his head back and throws him away. The Chosen One lands safely but is met by huge red spines, similar to the Virabot's. He gets hit in the chest but is otherwise unaffected and rips it out, using it to knock back the other spines flying towards him controlled by the Dark Lord. He gets knocked into the sky and is then struck by four spines in the chest, before being punched into the water. He crash lands but the Dark Lord dives down to continue his assault. Inside the house, the Second Coming, Red, Blue and Green are panicking, seeing their saviour overwhelmed by the new threat. Yellow takes charge of the situation and uses the computer for a plan. The Second Coming notices the cursor and thinks of a plan involving Noogai. Noogai, cleaning up his computer after the Chosen One's battle, suddenly sees an urgent message. He thinks none of it and continues to clean up when another pops up, pleading to help the Chosen One. He gets a User Control Account message from Yellow, originating from the Dark Lord's console, mentioning the Chosen One's need for assistance. A program called Animator Combat Tool opens up and ,with Yellow's assistance and knowledge, he is able to enter their world, the portals opening and creating a huge cursor to fight with and control. Seeing the cursor move, The Second Coming congratulates Yellow for his quick thinking.

The Dark Lord, having knocked the Chosen One into the water again, turns around and is shocked by the appearance of a cursor. Before he could react, he is grabbed and shoved into the cliffside. The Chosen One enters the fray and he and Noogai attempt to injure the Dark Lord. Pinning him against the cursor and trying to burn him alive, the more durable Dark Lord grabs his opponent and ignites a corrosive, flaming blade, thrusting it into his chest. The Chosen One falls into the water and the Dark Lord attempts to kill him but is intervened by the cursor blocking his path. He is grabbed and pulled upwards but the cursor disappears when it exits the Combat Tool window. Noogai right clicks and a Windows menu knocks the falling Dark Lord back into the water. The Chosen One flies up to help and the battle becomes a mess of flying rocks, lasers, blades and combos from the Chosen One and Noogai. The Dark Lord calls for assistance and summons a huge swarm of Virabots to help him. The swarm overwhelms the cursor, unable to overpower the greater number of virus. The Chosen One tries to burn and knock them away but is grabbed by the Dark Lord and violently thrown into the cliffside. With the greater number of viruses and the Dark Lord's blade impaling the cursor, they manage to crash the program, removing Noogai's intervention. The computer is now crashed by the virus, causing the Stick Gang to panic, when they see the Second Coming running out to meet the Chosen One for assistance. Given the effort just to kill one, the Chosen One is overwhelmed and pinned down. As the Dark Lord flies in, the Second Coming gets between them and tries to stop the fight. The Dark Lord summons the viruses away to confront the new threat personally and ignites his left blade, when the trio is interrupted by the arrival of Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.

Red tries to attack but stunned by the Dark Lord's immense speed, knocked to the ground and impaled. He weakly tries to get up but dissolves into nothing. Angered, his friends try to avenge him but are completely outmatched by the Dark Lord. One by one, Green, Blue and Yellow are killed, the Second Coming knocked down and the Chosen One attacked by the virus swarm. He sees the dire situation but is suddenly stabbed from the back by the Dark Lord, seen but unable to be helped by a cornered Chosen One. The Second Coming falls to his knees but isn't dissolving. Confused, the Dark Lord slams him into the ground and stabs him again but is stunned by the Second Coming surviving. Angered, the Dark Lord resorts to flying him into the sky, rapidly slashing and stabbing his opponent, slamming the Second Coming into the cliff and impaling him with both his arm blades. Satisfied, the Dark Lord flies up and surveys the outcome of the battle, the Second Coming's unmoving body, the numerous damage to the landscape and the Chosen One too weak to intervene. The Dark Lord opens the portals to the 7 internet sites and orders the virus to enter them. The Chosen One sees the virus about to enter but can't fight anymore.

Suddenly, the Second Coming's body is healed of injuries and disappears. The viruses nearly make it to the portals but are suddenly destroyed. The Dark Lord sees this but is too slow to see the Second Coming appear behind him. He is punched down to the water but is grabbed against and knocked back. The Dark Lord manages to gather himself and summons the swarm to attack back. The swarm crowds the Second Coming but are quickly destroyed. The Second Coming is knocked into the cliffside but quickly recovers, and throws a boulder at the Dark Lord above. The stunned Dark Lord watches the Second Coming fly towards him but can't react to the subsequent volley of kicks and punches, injuring him. He watches a bright green light emitted from the eyes of his opponent but is too weak to intervene. He can only watch as the Second Coming ignites his eyes and blasts him with a beam of laser and electricity, before being dragged across the landscape. The Second Coming increases the intensity before pushing him into a mountain side, destroying his body and engulfing the entire area in a massive explosion. With the threat now gone, the Second Coming flies down to the computer and using his newfound power to revived Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and the cursor, before collapsing in exhaustion. The cursor gently takes his body to his company. The Second Coming wakes up, surprised by the alive Red and friends, rubs the tears in his eyes before being enveloped in a group hug. The Chosen One, similarly to how the Second Coming and gang reacted to his powers, is stunned by what he just witnessed and bows down to a shocked Second Coming, unaware of what he did. The cursor arrives to take them back but not until they thank the Chosen One, who witnesses them cross the IP barrier back home.


  • An unlisted video (made by a person impersonating Alan) existed before the episode was even out.
    • The video has some unfinished parts.
  • After being nearly killed by The Dark Lord, the Second Coming is revealed to have awakened powers, previously unknown, but could be guessed that he had from some clues from Animator vs Animation 4. His new powers make him currently the most powerful character known.
    • Awakened powers are:
      • Healing powers that can heal himself and his friends.
      • Laser and shockwave attack. The laser attack is used for a singular, faraway target while the shockwave attack is used for multiple targets at a close range. Both attacks can instantly destroy a ViraBot.
      • Flight.
      • Telekinesis powers, shown when he threw a boulder at the Dark Lord. (If one looks closely, he did not throw it by hand)
      • A laser attack which is similar to the Chosen One but far more powerful.
      • Greater enhanced strength, as shown when he fights back against the newly empowered Dark Lord with an unseen level of damage.
    • It can be surmised that the Second Coming's powers can only be activated by severe damage or trauma, similar to the Chosen One's sudden increase in power when overwhelmed by the giant pop-up Virabot. Also, it seems the power is something the Second Coming cannot control explicitly, as he wakes up unaware of what he just did.


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