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"VLC, cover me!"
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"You ended my friends. Now I will end you."
―The Second Coming to noogai3

The Second Coming, Orange[1] or TheSecondComing.exe is an orange stick figure who was created and drawn by noogai3 in early October 2014. They are the main protagonist in the reboot of Animator vs. Animation and have appeared in every movie/episode since their debut.


Animator vs. Animation IV

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Animator vs. Animation IV begins with Alan Becker animating an orange stick figure on Adobe Flash CS6 while talking to his friend Darren Schwartz about the events of Animator vs. Animation III through Facebook. Just as Alan leaves his room, the stick figure comes to life and starts moving around, chancing upon the website, where they meet and befriend the Fighting Stick Figures. The group then messes around with Facebook and its Emojis. When Alan Becker comes back and notices the stick figures on his screen, he deletes the stick figures one by one in fear of the events of the past repeating themselves, starting with Red, then Blue, Yellow, and Green.

However, Alan Becker is unable to delete the orange stick figure - named "TheSecondComing.exe" on Task Manager - because "the program is too resistant," suggesting that The Second Coming is too angry to be deleted. The Second Coming then starts adding hateful comments on Alan's friends' Facebook posts in an attempt to ruin Alan's friendships, and a fight commences afterwards on the PC.

The Second Coming escapes into Alan's phone through Apple Music, where they mess with the apps on the phone while trying to run from Alan. They finally dive into Dropbox to return to the PC, and they continue fighting on Flash CS6 using Flash's various tools. When TSC destroys Alan's cursor with a makeshift laser gun, Alan uses his keyboard to get a new cursor, but in that time TSC makes various animations to help destroy Alan's computer. Alan notices TSC's animation skills and pauses to watch, but once TSC's animations start hurting Alan's cursor, Alan quickly deletes the animations. He then imprisons TSC in a rectangle using Flash's shape tool. TSC begs not to be deleted, and Alan decides to set them free under the condition that they help him animate. TSC refuses at first, reminding Alan that he deleted their friends, but once Alan refreshes to revive the Fighting Stick Figures, TSC agrees. From then on, Alan animates with the help of TSC, and they become friends. The video ends with TSC taking a break by fighting the Fighting Stick Figures.



Alan originally saw TSC as a threat to his computer due to what happened with The Chosen One and the fact that TSC and their friends were messing up his Facebook page. After deleting all of the Fighting Stick Figures, Alan attempted to delete TSC. TSC was able to resist its deletion and swore that they would destroy Alan for killing their friends.

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The two fought on both ALANSPC and Alan's phone. Alan saw that TSC had made a bunch of animations to help them destroy his computer, and on the verge of deleting all the animations, Alan saw how well made TSC's animations were compared to his and began to feel regretful. Alan eventually did delete all of TSC's animations and trapped TSC in a box to talk to them. Alan told TSC that if they didn't break his computer and helped him animate, he would let them live freely in his computer. TSC only agreed after Alan revived their friends by reloading

5 months after their fight, TSC and Alan put aside their differences and became friends over animation. With TSC's help, Alan managed to create better animations and drawings. Future animations show TSC living peacefully with the Fighting Stick Figures in Alan's computer. Notably, "The Virus" shows Alan and TSC working together to fight ViraBot, a virus sent by The Dark Lord.

Powers and Abilities

  • Deletion Immunity: The Second Coming can resist deletion.
  • Creativity: The Second Coming has excellent drawing and animation skills and can make drawings come to life, including animals, weapons, and other stick figures.
  • Vocal Processing: The Second Coming can "speak" with text within Adobe Animate.
  • Agility: The Second Coming is an unusually fast runner and can maneuver very quickly.
  • Combat Skills: The Second Coming is the best at combat.


  • The Second Coming resembles the stick figure from the Draw a Stickman Epic franchise.
  • The Second Coming and Green share a close bond.
  • The Second Coming is almost better than Green at note blocks.
  • It is unknown about The Second Coming's general knowledge of Minecraft, however he is great at music, redstone (After being taught by Yellow), and crafting.
  • Sometimes he's named Orange.




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