"You ended my friends. Now I will end you."
―The Second Coming to Alan Becker, for killing his friends.

The Second Coming


Animator vs. Animation IV:

In 2014, he was animated by Alan Becker with Windows 7. He came to life and started moving just as Alan left. He accidentally got to a website where he made friends: The Fighting Stick Figures. The new group messes up with Facebook and its Emojis. When Alan Becker noticed what happened, he deleted the sticks, one by one, starting with Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

He was unable to delete The Second Coming due to his anger, which made the stick figure resist the deletion. A long fight runs on the PC and even Alan's phone, where TSC calls 911 (which, due to a quick close, does not even begin to dial). He dives into Dropbox, an returns back to the PC. Second Coming is imprisoned in Flash's square tool to be erased. He begs for mercy, and Alan decides to keep him alive, in exchange for The Second Coming to help Noogai3 animate.


Alan Becker

Alan originally saw TSC as a threat to his computer due to what happened with The Chosen One and the fact that TSC and his friends were messing up his Facebook page. After deleting all of the Fighting Stick Figures, Alan attempted to delete TSC. TSC was able to prevent his deletion with his anger, and swore that he would destroy Alan for killing his friends.

The two fought from both ALANSPC to his phone until eventually TSC managed to destroy his mouse in Flash. Alan quickly created a new mouse and saw that TSC had made a bunch of animations to help him destroy his computer. While on the verge of deleting all the animations, Alan saw how well made TSC's animations were compared to his and began to feel regret and guilt. Alan eventually did delete all of TSC's animations and trapped TSC in a box to talk to him. Alan told TSC that if he didn't break his computer and helped him with animation, he would let him live freely in his computer. TSC however only agreed after Alan revived his friends by reloading

5 Months after their fight, TSC and Alan have put aside their differences and became friends over animation. With TSC's help, Alan has managed to create better animations of horses, humans, birds, etc.

Powers and abilities

  • Deletion-Immunity: The Second Coming can prevent his deletion by using his anger.
  • Creativity: The Second Coming can draw sketches that can also come to life such as animals, stick figures, and weapons.
  • Speech: The Second Coming can "speak" with text in Flash.
  • Device-Move: The Second Coming can come from one device to another, as long as it’s connected to the computer he lives in.
  • Game-Mode: The Second Coming can take game icons and use it to use what’s in the game (Minecraft as an example).


  • Can be destroyed by closing the window he's in
  • Can be erased in Flash
  • Can be easily trapped


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