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The Roller Coaster
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date January 18, 2018
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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The Roller Coaster - AVM Shorts Episode 3

The Roller Coaster - AVM Shorts Episode 3

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The Roller Coaster is the 3rd installment in the AVM shorts series. It features Yellow for most of the video. It is released on YouTube on January 18, 2018.


Yellow starts testing a pressure plate with many different items, like redstone lamps, pistons, and trap doors, as he mines the trapdoor away, he accidently mines through the floor of the computer. He then tries to cover it up with wool, but seeing that it obviously stands out, he digs down for a very long time, until he reaches an Abandoned Mineshaft. That is where he discovers minecarts and rails. Yellow then makes an incredible rollercoaster, that involves slime block jumping, pistons, loops, and all sorts of amazing things. The Second Coming, Green, Blue, and Red all come to find the rollercoaster, The Second Coming tries to leave but Yellow doesn't let him. Red, Blue, Green, and Orange all ride the rollercoaster. They all ride it, and are scared at some parts, but love it in others.

The roller coaster starts with going down hill, then turning 180 degrees, and continues going down hill, then flat for a tiny bit then another 180 degree turn, then downhill for a bit until its flat. Then downhill, uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill, then flat. Then slime blocks on pistons hit the minecarts up. Then again, some slime blocks hit the minecarts up. Then uphill, flat, uphill, flat, uphill, flat. The minecarts then enter a cavern where there is a giant statue of Yellow hanging on the ceiling waving to them. All the stick figures in the minecarts give the statue their signature greeting. Then downhill, heading straight into lava, but at the last minute, the ground is moved from pistons, and the minecarts fall straight down. They land, and begin moving forward on a flat surface. The ceiling begins to lower, and the stick figures have to duck, and even have to go entirely in their minecarts to not be affected by the ceiling. The minecarts and stick figures then enter a huge cavern, and are moving on a wood bridge that is huge. In the background you can see a giant statue of Yellow with his arms in the air holding a rail in one hand. Slime Blocks on pistons then hit the minecarts up, where the minecarts then land on the next slime block on sticky piston, that hits them up into the next slime block on sticky piston, that hits them onto the next slime block on sticky piston, that hits them onto the giant wooden bridge. They continue moving until the tracks split all 4 minecarts up, and separates them, so that they are on 4 different tracks. There are then three hills that each minecart goes on, until there is a flat surface again. The minecarts then go on a loop where they go up, get hit straight up by a piston, hit to the left by a piston, and then land back on the tracks, and continue on the flat surface. All 4 minecarts then stop at a wood block, where a wall of redstone lamps says the words: "THE END". All 4 stick figures begin clapping, until the "THE END" is replaced with ". . ." The ". . ." is then replaced with "JK", and the ground underneath the minecarts opens up, and the minecarts and stick figures fall straight down, where they go down a hill. Yellow is waiting at the end of the rollercoaster for Orange, Green, Blue, and Red to go through the rings of fire, where minecraft physics kicks in, and they all fall straight down.



  • Yellow is the main character of this short.

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