The Rediscovery
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date November 18, 2017
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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"VLC, cover me!"
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The Rediscovery is the 1st installment of the AVM Shorts Series. It is released on YouTube on November 18, 2017.


The Second Coming notices a gap at the taskbar and wonders if Minecraft is still in the Computer. He then starts looking, he scrolls through many apps including Avast! Antivirus. He then turns around and sees Minecraft on the other part of the menu. He grabs it, and jumps down, and closes the page. He almost places a block down, when Stick Figures Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red come. The Second Coming hides it behind his back. The other stick figures point out the Minecraft inventory above him. He then drops Minecraft onto his leg and then drops it onto the ground. The other stick figures get confused, and rub there eyes, shrug, and scratch their heads. The Second Coming then takes a step back, revealing Minecraft to the others. They all get excited and run at it. The Second Coming stops them. He picks it up and drops a stack of oak wood, a stack of cobblestone, a single crafting table, a stack of

The Rediscovery - AVM Shorts Episode 1

The Rediscovery - AVM Shorts Episode 1

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iron a 64 stack of brick blocks, a 64 stack of diamond blocks, and a 64 stack of apples. He then passes Minecraft over to Green and takes all the items he dropped. Green takes a 64 stack of oak wood, a 64 stack of clay, a 64 stack of glowstone, a 64 stack of bookshelves, a 64 stack of stone brick stairs, a 64 stack of fences, and a 64 stack of stone brick blocks.

He then passes it on to Blue, who takes a 64 stack of bonemeal, a 64 stack of carrots, a hoe, a 64 stack of potatoes, a 64 stack of jungle tree saplings, a 64 stack of oak saplings, a 64 stack of spruce saplings, and a 64 stack of seeds. He later gets a 64 stack of dirt.

He then passes it onto Yellow, who takes a 64 stack of dispensers, a 64 stack of buttons, a 64 stack of levers, a 64 stack of pistons, a 64 stack of sticky pistons, a 64 stack of redstone, and a 64 stack of redstone torches. He then hands it to Red, but moves it away when Red tries to take it. Yellow has vivid flashbacks of when Red was possessed by Herobrine in Animation vs. Minecraft. Yellow nods to The Second Coming, Green, and Blue, who nodded back. They then put Red on 2 blocks of dirt, and have 4 TNT above him, where Green is ready with flint and steel, Blue places 2 jungle saplings on the blocks Red is standing on, and waits behind an obsidian wall with bone meal in his hand. Yellow makes 3 dispensers, with 3 buttons behind them, aimed at Red, ready to fire. The Second Coming quickly hands Red Minecraft, then runs behind yellow. Red starts spazzing out, before kneeling down, changing items really fast. Yellow, fearing Herobrine is back, almost shoots him, but The Second Coming stops him. Red then chooses a spawn egg, and then gets up, raises it into the air, where everyone ducks, and dramatically spawns 3 bunnies. Red gestures to them. And everyone relaxes. Blue, being annoyed at spending lots of resources to kill him for nothing, knocked him unconscious with his helmet.


  • This video is part of the Animation vs. Minecraft.
  • This is Windows 10 since Animation vs YouTube.
  • There is the start menu there.



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