The episode starts October 2nd, 2011 when The Chosen One and The Dark Lord are destroying Alan's computer. While the explosion happens The Dark Lord and The Chosen One quickly escape in the last second. Alan's monitor shows The Blue Screen of Death and Alan lays on the table.

The screen now shows the red fire from the behind of the computer and in it, TDL and TCO are escaping through it. After that, it shows the 2 attacking Yahoo. After that, the screen shows the stick figures attacking the Angry Birds. After that TDL is attacking Stickpage while a bunch of stick figures from different games (Henry Stickmin from the Henry Stick series for example) while The Chosen One is just looking. After that, they are on Newgrounds and while other characters from different games (Super Meat Boy from the game of the same name for example) are running away The Dark Lord is attacking the character from the logo on the tank with The Chosen One is trying to stop him.

The Dark Lord attacks Newgrounds and cause massive havoc while The Chosen One trying to Stop him.

A present day at the hideout where The Dark Lord is typing, and The Chosen One walks in. The Chosen One sees The Dark Lord's plans. He sees the map and the Virabot. The Dark Lord sees him, and is excited, and shows him the Virabot. The Chosen One sees a vision of The Dark Lord standing above a screaming crowd, as two Virabots jump up, and each throw 4 Virablades. The Dark Lord puts the Virabot into a cannon and prepares to launch it. Just as he is about to press the button the launch his creation, The Chosen One stops him. The Dark Lord looks at him, and The Chosen One shakes his head. The Dark Lord takes a step back, but then turns around quickly and tries to press the button. The Chosen One stops him and throws him on the ground. While The Chosen One is inspecting the buttons and gadgets, an angered Dark Lord throws a fireball at The Chosen One. They begin fighting with their powers, but the Dark Lord eventually distracts The Chosen One with a fireball. The Dark Lord then runs for the button. The Chosen One tries to build up energy in his hand, but the Dark Lord manages to press the button and launch the ViraBot, and moments later he is punched and launched away by The Chosen One. He builds up fire to fly, but then he realizes that the ViraBot was launched to "ALANSPC".

After The Chosen One had a flashback about His Creator from previous AVA series, he then flies to the sky after this. The ViraBot goes through a tile. The Chosen One gets stuck on the same tile in the sky, named "ALANSPC". While this is happening, The Second Coming and Alan celebrate their flower animation. The Chosen One uses his lasers to break through the tile and is sucked into a tube leading to Alan's computer. He crashes into a glass wall protecting the computer screen, and while this is happening, ViraBot is about to kill Orange and his friends. After many failed attempts, The Chosen One mixes his fire and ice abilities to form an elemental laser beam that breaks through the glass barrier, creating an explosion and opening a portal. Then, The Chosen One confronts ViraBot and they fight. Right before they come into impact, The Flashback Ends.

The Chosen One is traveling in another tube as The Stick Gang are right behind him. The Chosen One disappears into the light, and moments later the Stick Gang does so as well, and then the episode ends in a Cliffhanger.


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