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The episode begins with a flashback from October 2 2011, with Alan battling the Chosen One and his new nemesis-turned ally, the Dark Lord. As Alan desperately tries to avoid the two, his former creations fly in a spiral towards each other, creating a vortex that would destroy his computer. While Alan tries to save his computer, the two Sticks try to escape the destruction. The Chosen One sees the computer icon for the WIFI connection and smashes it open, creating a portal to the internet. Grabbing his friend, the two jump inside, in the nick of time, as Alan's operating system crashes and displays a Blue Screen of Death. Meanwhile, in the ethernet cable, the Dark Lord revels their victory with a celebratory high-five and the two journey into the internet.

After traveling to the internet, the two friends begin a long reign of destruction, destroying websites such as StickPage, video games such as Angry Birds, and killing countless innocent animations for their own enjoyment.
The Dark Lord attacks Newgrounds and cause massive havoc while The Chosen One trying to Stop him.

In the present day, the Chosen One walks in on his friend programming on a red, insect-like object, then sees its schematics and a map of its intended destinations. The Dark Lord notices and happily shows the Chosen One his newest creation, an extremely potent virus he calls ViraBot. He demonstrates its abilities by programming a blade and touching a nearby globe with it, causing it to rapidly dissolve into nothing. While the Dark Lord is excited, the Chosen One imagines a future with many of these viruses at hand and the Dark Lord as their commander and is unsettled. Before he can ask, the Dark Lord has already assembled its app egg and loads it into a cannon, then programs it to fire into a specific computer. As he is about to fire, the Chosen One prevents him and asks him to stop. The Dark Lord is confused and tries to push the button again but his indignant friend pushes him aside, adamant. The Dark Lord pretends to walk away only to run forward and try again, only to be grabbed by the Chosen One and shoved onto the floor.

On the floor, the Dark Lord prepares a ball of energy and launches it at the Chosen One but barely misses. Angered by his friend's intervention, the two engage in a short but vicious duel with the Dark Lord kicking and punching him and the Chosen One retaliating back with kicks and an energy punch of his own. Another energy ball flies and misses, though it gives the Dark Lord the opportunity to press the button. The Chosen One races against him and summons energy into his fist, the Dark Lord makes it and fires the cannon but is quickly punched away. Stunned that the cannon fired, the Chosen One starts to race against it but before flying, notices who the cannon was pointed at, Alan (ALANSPC). He has a moment of recollection and remembers the times the two used to fight. And despite everything that has happened to them, the Chosen One remembers him as the one who created him. He ignites his fist and races at the virus. The app manages to phase through the IP address barrier but the Chosen One is left behind, trapped behind the barrier.

The virus makes it to Alan's computer and activates, using all the CPU's power and causing it to overheat, to the confusion of Alan and the Second Coming. The Chosen One uses his laser vision to punch through the barrier but traveling to the computer, he is stuck behind the screen. He appears too late as the virus manages to trap the Sticks in webbing and prepares to kill them. Initially attempting to use his laser vision to break through the screen, he resorts to summoning energy into a concentrated beam in a final attempt to get into the computer. The beam breaks through, saving the Second Coming with moments to spare and knocking the virus back. Eventually, he rains his powers on ViraBot and destroys it for good.

The Chosen One is traveling in another tube as The Stick Gang are right behind him. The Chosen One disappears into the light, and moments later the Stick Gang does so as well, ending the episode.



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"Cornered now!"
This article is a stub. Please contribute, add and expand to the page if you have any additional details or information on the topic.

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