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The End
Season 1, Episode 10
The End.jpg
Air date 2018
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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The End is the tenth episode of the AVM Shorts. It was published on YouTube on 2018.


It begins with The Second Coming, Yellow, and Red seeing the trail that Green and Blue left behind. The video then cuts to the portal in the Storage folder, then into the other portal, then it cuts into the room with the end portal. The next scene shows Green, Blue, and Purple get teleported into the End. They go to kill the enderdragon, but when an enderman comes by, Purple tells Green and Blue not to look at it in the eyes. They continue to the middle of the island, and Blue shoots the ender dragon, but it just regenerates the health it lost from an end crystal. This happens for some time. Blue gets a fishing rod, and aims the line at the top of one of the pillars, and grabs Green, then he aims his fishing rod at the dragon. He gets on the dragon, and stabs it to make it descend. Blue and Purple then grab onto the dragon's tail with a fishing rod and it flies away from the island. As they move away from the island, the end crystals activate the exit portal and summons the dragon egg. Meanwhile, Orange, Red and Yellow arrive at the mac, where the villagers tell about their friends and where they've gone. Back to the End, Purple, and the Fighting Stick Figures are kicked from the dragon's back and fall into a flying ship, still attached to the dragon in the rod. In the ship's basement, Purple discovers a winged vest which he wears to fight the dragon. The monster destroys the ship with its fire spit, but Purple escapes using the wings. Blue and Green fall, however, a local mob allows them to levitate for 10 seconds. Purple leaves them behind and flies for the egg, which he takes to his kingdom. The ten seconds gone, Blue and Green are saved by a chain with The Second Coming, their fellow Fighting Stick Figures and the villagers. Back to Purple's castle, the egg is left in a sort of museum container. The Dragon suddenly comes from the hidden room under his palace and starts to attack the village. Purple gives the ehh back to its owner, and it hatches. The villagers punish Purple for betraying everyone. The Dragon and its baby go back home, and the Fighting Stick Figures and The Second Coming also do so. Arriving to The Nether, They head back to the portal that takes them home. While they build a way up, Yellow looks around and finds a hall full of portals. They are shocked and the video ends.



The End - AVM Shorts Episode 10

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