The Dolphin Kingdom is the 13th episode in the AVM Shorts series. It follows Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red's adventures underwater and Orange's continued attempts to find his friends, the Fighting Stick Figures.


Following Episode 12's events, the Fighting Stick Figures rejoin Red in his fall, in the aquatic surface of the dimension. Red finds a boat and fishes for goods, and Yellow takes a dive, but injures for the absence of oxygen. A dolphin passes by, and the adventurers are each given special equipment for the stay.

Upon their arrival at the Kingdom, the guide takes the stick figures for the King, who explains about the Queen's kidnap, and sends them for the rescue mission, along with his own trained army.

Meanwhile, The Second Coming barely escapes alive from the TNT Land Dimension. Attempting to run away from the Nether, he is stopped by the mobs, who force him to join another realm. He immediately chooses a random portal, which leads him to a deep maze cave.

Back at the Dolphin Kingdom, the team locates the ocean monument where the queen was taken. The King's army is easily beaten to oblivion by the heavily armored guardians who run the place. The team confront the enemy force with tridents and other specialized weaponry they were each given. After they enter the monument, they find the queen in a secret chamber, and the king, who has fallen in love with her, suffocates with sponges being displaced all over the walls, allowing the stick figures to save the Queen and leave.

King thanks the heroes for their service and wills to offer their desires in return. Green asks for any kind of clue from the Second Coming, to which the ruler points a direction. The Fighting Stick Figures swim all the way but end up in a hollow with no way out. Meanwhile, they are separated from The Second Coming by a thin wall at the end of the gallery. Hearing Green's cry throughout the mural, The Second Coming breaks into it and rejoins the group happily. They, however, must manage their way out via a giant complex maze formed by corridors of the hollow.

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