"mission.The_Dark_Lord = destroy(The_Chosen_One) ;"
―Lord's task program by noogai3

The Dark Lord (originally The Chosen One's enemy) is the anti-hero secondary antagonist in Animator vs. Animation III (also the former deuteragonist), He is a stick figure created by Alan Becker to defeat The Chosen One and later betrayed Alan Becker at the end of Animator vs. Animation III.

At first, The Dark Lord was created in Flash by Noogai3, then was told to destroy The Chosen One. During the battle, Noogai3 ignored The Dark Lord and left him to fend for himself in his battle with The Chosen One. The Chosen One saw The Dark Lord was abandoned and decided to befriend him. Together, they overthrew his rule over them, formed a blue screen of death and seemingly vanished.

It was later revealed in The Flashback that he escaped with The Chosen One at the last second, opening a portal to the Internet. There, the two began a 7-year reign of terror, destroying websites, games and killing anything or anyone in their path. However, The Chosen One soon became repented of his evil deeds and sought to stop a virus from destroying his creator's computer, learning it was to be launched by The Dark Lord. They fought and eventually, The Dark Lord was defeated but not before being able to launch the virus. he is still alive despite being blasted by The Chosen One.



Animator vs. Animation III

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While trying to fend off The Chosen One, Noogai3 created The Dark Lord to destroy him. Given the mission to "Destroy(The_Chosen_One)", he was placed in the battle and initially started to overwhelm The Chosen One with his greater abilities and strength. While The Chosen One remained solitary, The Dark Lord sought the support of his newly-formed allies among the computer, including AIM and Firefox. However, their efforts were in vain and soon The Dark Lord and his allies were defeated. Begging for mercy from The Chosen One, he saw that his creator didn't care if he died and continued to play solitaire. Angered by his abandonment, The Dark Lord sided with The Chosen One and destroyed the computer with a singularity, destroying the operating system and initiating a blue screen of death.

The Flashback - Animator vs. Animation Shorts Episode 3

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It was revealed in a flashback that after the Dark Lord and Chosen One destroyed Alan Becker's computer, they opened a portal that opened to the internet. There, they began a 7-year reign of chaos, destroying websites, games and killing multiple other figures without remorse. However, The Dark Lord caused carnage on the stick figures while The Chosen One repent. The Dark Lord managed to move to the computer of a NASA satellite, in order to visualize the worldwide situation and execute his secret operation. One day, the Dark Lord created a powerful virus, dubbed Virabot, with corrosive blades and loaded it into a cannon, aiming it at Alan Beckers's new computer. Still full of rage and holding his grudge against his creator, The Dark Lord attempted to fired the cannon but was stopped by The Chosen One. Confused, The Dark Lord continued trying to press the trigger button but was stopped and eventually thrown back by The Chosen One. Angered, The Dark Lord set a short but vicious duel against his former friend and though he was defeated, The Dark Lord managed to fire the cannon. He seemed to be knocked out by The Chosen One's energy manipulation, and flew somewhere else.
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Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Manipulation
  • Flight.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Immense Intelligence (he can play Minesweeper and show his great capabilities of fighting)
  • Pyrokinesis (Can control fire)
  • Can create a powerful singularity that can destroy a computer's operating system through sheer speed (with assistance with the Chosen One).


Upon his creation, The Dark Lord was a single-minded but intelligent entity, only created to destroy The Chosen One. He showed great perseverance and skill during their battles and was friendly to his allies. The Dark Lord was crafty and refused to back down in his fights, showing he wouldn't stop until what he wanted was done. However, upon his defeat at the hands of his opponent, he cowered in fear and begged not to be killed by the more powerful being. He then saw that Noogai3 was ignoring him, treating him like another stick figure and expendable. Pushed further by The Chosen One, he seethed with rage, allying and befriending The Chosen One and destroying his creator's computer.

After his abandonment and joining The Chosen One, The Dark Lord went from the hero of the day to one of the most dangerous and violent beings ever seen. He mercilessly killed and destroyed websites and games without a second thought. He lit up with excitement when his Virabot was complete and was about to be launched at ALANSPC. It is shown he still shows anger at even 7 years later and even fought his friend who was against having their creator suffer again.

The Dark Lord attempting to kill The Chosen One by smashing the font choice window on him.


  • The Dark Lord is the second most powerful character in the Animator vs. Animation series (Or third if counting the Kickstarter Video Stickfigure).
  • To not be confused, The Chosen One is the true main antagonist, The Dark Lord is the secondary semi-antagonist in the second-half part due to his betrayal and attempt to kill Alan Becker and also takes part in causing the mass destruction to the computer, along with The Chosen One.
  • Along with The Chosen One, he is one of two anti-villains.
  • He also the first secondary antagonist in Animator vs. Animation series, despite the fact that his adversary role is not too significant in the entire animation, he has an obvious grudge towards Alan Becker.
  • It was shown in "The Flashback" that he survived, returning as the main antagonist and after The Chosen One used against him a spirit bomb he is still alive, seen in the upcoming Animator vs. Animation 4 which landed nearby water.

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