The Chosen One's Return
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date Oct. 28, 2018
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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The Chosen One's Return is the second AVA short. It is shorter than the other episodes but ironically took longer to make, but due to the massive fight scene. It picks up where we left off in the first episode, with The Chosen one showing up in the portal that caused the explosion which knocked ViraBot back.


The Chosen One's Return - Animator vs

The Chosen One's Return - Animator vs. Animation Shorts - Episode 2

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The video starts as Virabot goes in for the kill on the Second Coming, trapped along with his allies. As it jumps to stab him, Virabot is knocked by a powerful explosion. Virabot recovers from the initial explosion and readies his arm blades. The source is a portal, surprising everyone. A figure walks out of the portal, the Chosen One. He has survived the initial destruction of Alan's computer and has returned. As a surprised Second Coming watches. the Chosen One engages Virabot, igniting his fists with flames.

The battle begins as the Chosen One quickly kicks and punches Virabot in succession. Knocked against the computer's border, the virus readies its spines to stab him. The Chosen One dodges the first three spines and catches a large arm blade. Virabot parries and engages him in bladed combat before he jumps in the air, throwing multiple spines to pin the Chosen One. Though he dodges them initially, the Chosen One is hit by a stray spine in the back and, in pain, he lowers his guard. Three more spines strike him. As Virabot grows a large arm blade to finish the fight, the Chosen One recovers and forces the spines out of his back, revealing he is immune to its corrosive effects. As the surprised virus tries to slice him, he is hit by the Chosen One's laser vision, severing his arm blade. He is forced to the corner, avoiding the laser beams. The Chosen One traps him with both lasers and his pyrokinetic blasts. The virus resorts to digging into the Windows taskbar.

With access to the computer's windows, Virabot controls them and resumes attacking the Chosen One, using various objects to strike him. The Chosen One uses everything at his disposal, burning and melting everything coming towards him. The Adobe Flash and Google Chrome windows suddenly begin moving and breaking, trapping him. As he tries in vain to hold back two larges pieces from crushing him, the remains of the windows clump together, forming a giant version of Virabot. Pummeled into submission, the giant virus bites him and continues its assault, slamming him down and beating him further. Closes to the giant entity, the Second Coming tries in vain to draw its attention from the weaken Chosen One. As the Chosen One is seemingly about to be killed, his body ignites, melting the chunks of windows away from him. He stands up and in a display of power, his entire body is engulfed in flames, lightning strikes down and further empowering him. With this new strength, he punches down and weakens everything the Virabot has created. The webs trapping the other stick figures dissolve and the giant Virus begins to crumble down. As this purifying wave hits the computer storage files, the Virabot pops out, revealing it was hiding there and controlling the computer.

As Virabot falls, the Chosen One, seemingly teleporting, kicks him around mid-air. As he juggles the virus around, Virabot is unable to retaliate, weakened and too slow to match the new Chosen One's speed. Suddenly, he flies around the virus, spinning the air and engulfing it in a tornado. The Chosen One creates a storm cloud and begins striking Virabot with multiple lightning bolts, shocking and further weakening the helpless virus. Then, the Chosen One blasts him in a wave of fire, now burning and shocking Virabot. Finally, he blasts the virus with his laser vision. As the laser and fire dissolve, Virabot is still trapped in the tornado, trapping it for the Chosen One's final attack. He summons a ball of energy at his fist and with one last punch, he strikes the virus. The punch forms a titanic energy wave and locks them together for a second before the energy dissipates. Released from its hold, Virabot dissolves into nothingness, rid of the computer once and for all.

The Chosen One lands back to the ground, satisfied with his victory. The Second Coming and his friends see him. As he looks back at them, they begin bowing in gratitude and reverence of this powerful being. Ignoring them, the Chosen One walks back to restart the portal back to his dimension. Before entering, he looks and bows to Alan. Alan returns the gesture and bows back, making peace. The Chosen One jumps back through the portal, seemingly back to his world.

However, the portal remains for a few moments, enough to intrigue the group of friends about the unknown. As the Second Coming looks into the portal and back at his friends, they are also drawn to it out of curiosity. Suddenly, the Second Coming jumps into the portal. Following him, his friends follow and jump in aswell, ending the video.


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