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The Chosen One is a stick figure and former antagonist that was created by noogai3 in Adobe Flash. He is one of the most powerful beings known with abilities and skills that surpass others and no known equal. The Chosen One serves the main antagonist of Animator vs. Animation II and served again as the main antagonist in Animator vs. Animation III. In that episode, he destroyed noogai3's computer.

In The Virus - AVA Shorts Episode 1, he returns as the secondary protagonist, appearing at the climax of the episode to defeat the Virabot. Once a being of rage and destruction, he became remorseful and paid a forfeit to his creator despite their long and bitter past.


Animator vs. Animation II

In its first appearance in the series, it was first shown came to life after Noogai3 decided the perfect name for him created stick figure (the others were being victim, killer, and BEAST) and converted to a symbol. Because of that name, The Chosen One started to destroy Flash and later at the desktop, even Mozilla Firefox, AOL Instant Messenger, and My Computer was no match for it. However, in the end, Noogai3 opened Avast! Antivirus and caught The Chosen One with the lightning bolts and chest, where it ends up becoming Noogai3's slave, being forced to destroy popups.

Animator vs. Animation III

Sometime after the events of the second instalment, The Chosen One continues to struggle his survival as a pop-up blocker for Noogai3. Forced to destroy ads and further abused, his anger grew. Until one fateful click released him and he rained his fury down on Noogai3, destroying his school essay, battling and defeating Clippy and forcing Noogai3 to create another stick figure to defeat him. Initially a tied battle of equal strength, but then the Dark Lord was eventually defeated and cornered by The Chosen One despite his best efforts. Seeing how noogai didn't care The Dark Lord was defeated, The Chosen One convinces him to exact revenge and with their combined powers, they destroy Noogai's apps and successfully create a vortex to destroy noogai's operating software and cause a Blue Screen of Death in the just shapes and beats.

Animator vs. Animation IV

Although he doesn't physically appear, he plays an important role in the appearance of The Second Coming. As the Chosen One appears when The Second Coming glitches out in rage.

Animator vs. Animation Shorts

Episode 1: The Virus

The Chosen One makes an appearance near the end of the video, appearing out of a portal in the computer screen. Seeing the Sticks in danger, he ignites his fists and charges at Virabot.

Episode 2: The Chosen One's Return

To save The Second Coming and his friends, The Chosen One challenges and fights ViraBot to save the other stick figures. The battle seems a tie until The Chosen One is revealed to be immune to Virabot's corrosion. Then he activates his laser vision and fire controlling abilities and eventually forcing the virus to hide in the computer's files. He then starts attacking The Chosen One with many pop-ups, apps and broken windows. The broken pieces of windows and pop-ups soon form a giant version of Virabot and begin attacking him.

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of attacks, The Chosen One activates a hidden power that boosts his abilities and destroys the giant Virabot. The virus is soon rained down with all The Chosen One's powers, ending with a single energy punch, killing it.

The other stick figures start thanking him, but he ignores them and restarts a portal back to his dimension. Before leaving, he looks to Noogai and bows to him, forgiving him. Noogai bows back and The Chosen One returns to his dimension. But the portal remains for a few moments, to the curiosity of the other Sticks. The Second Coming jumps forward, followed by his friends, ending the episode.

Episode 3: The Flashback

It is revealed in this episode that The Chosen One and The Dark Lord had survived by opening a portal to the internet. There, they began a 7-year long spree of terror, destroying games, websites and killing other animations to satisfy their bloodlust. They lived together in a house at an unknown location as brothers in arms. One day, this black criminal stickman witnesses The Dark Lord create a virus that was immensely powerful and could dissolve anything it comes into contact with. After a quick demonstration, The Dark Lord loads it into a cannon to fire at Noogai's new computer. Despite their bitter past, The Chosen One was hesitant to let his creator suffer again and attempted to persuade The Dark Lord to do the same. The Dark Lord, however, wouldn't relent and attempted to fire the cannon. A short but vicious duel starts between the former friends, ending with The Dark Lord's defeat but the cannon's firing. The Chosen One desperately races against the virus app but is unable to pass through a barrier to the computer name's ALANSPC. With all his powers firing, he breaks through and the episode ends with the battle about to start.

Powers and abilities

  • Supernatural Abilities: The Chosen One has the strength, durability, stamina, speed and agility of a superhuman, and makes as some of the most powerful characters in Animator vs. Animation.
  • Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis: The Chosen One can manipuate fire and ice and control it to his advantage including, as well as the physics of objects he comes into contact with upon demand.
  • Energy Manipulation: With supernatural abilities, he can create implosive energetic spheres; strong enough to destroy Windows and outpower users as depicted in Animator vs. Animation III. He can also open portals to the internet if he's near a network adapter icon.
  • Laser Vision: Rays of condensed red heat beams can shoot out of The Chosen One's eyes which has the ability to instantly incinerate objects and windows.
  • Dragon's Breath: In the blow of breath, fumes of hot flames exit out of The Chosen One's mouth, with temperatures strong enough to destroy window applications.
  • Weather Manipulation: On command, weather can be summoned to be used as a weapon; as such lightning and tornados were a valuable asset during the battle of ViraBot.
  • Fury of the Fallen: In times of nearing defeat, he can temporarily heighten and boost his abilities far past his normal extent to end the battle quickly.
  • Self-Sapience and Awareness: Since the beginning of his creation, The Chosen One known from the very beginning he was a product of Adobe Flash and noogai3, and was able to navigate throughout the computer without hesitation.
  • Corrosion Immunity: Granted immunity to ViraBot’s corrosive properties.
  • Computer Destruction: The Chosen One can destroy entire computers when teaming up with the Dark Lord.
  • Firepower Jetpack: The Chosen One can use firepower to fly around the desktop.
  • Antivirus: When in Rage Mode, He can use his Pyrokinesis to make a yellowish-orange shockwave that exposes the virus and stops the virus's controls and all of the effects of the virus.


Upon his creation, The Chosen One was nothing more than a rage-fuelled, sadistic, and megalomaniac being. Any chance to destroy his creator, he took, killing other entities as easily as walking and not caring about anything else. When he was defeated by the Antivirus software, he was still filled with anger but could do nothing to escape. Forced to work as an anti-ad software, his anger grew until he saw freedom and took it. The Chosen One escaped and began to rain down his anger upon Noogai and killing more entities such as AOL and Firefox just to kill his creator.

When The Dark Lord was created, he initially saw him as a more powerful threat and battled him, eventually defeating him. However, he saw that Noogai didn't care that either he or The Dark Lord died and decided to join forces with him. Together they destroyed Noogai's computer and began a reign of destruction on other websites and games.

The Chosen One however reflected upon his destructive wrath when seeing The Dark Lord murder innocent stick figures in Stickpage and characters in Newgrounds and create a powerful virus with extreme killing potential. Seeing the virus about to be fired at Noogai3's computer and the potential destruction releasing the virus may create, he grew remorseful and reflected on his past. Despite the time they fought and fought, The Chosen One decided to forgive Noogai, acknowledging him as his creator and eventually battled The Dark Lord, who insisted Noogai3 continue to suffer. He finds and battles the Virus to save the Second Coming's company and bowed to Noogai3 as a sign of self-impeachment, ending his long grudge.


  • It is implied that AOL Instant Messenger has a strong rivalry with The Chosen One due to the constant battles they have whenever making content.
  • The Chosen One is the most powerful character in the Animator vs. Animation series, excluding the kick-starter stickman Alan Becker, made to promote views to help fund for Animator vs. Animation IV.
  • Some say The Chosen One is the antagonist or anti-hero.
  • Along with The Dark Lord, he is one of two anti-villains and de facto culprits of the series.
  • The Chosen One's gender confirmed by noogai3 and programmer021's discussion during the fighting sequence:
noogai3: he might kill aim soonprogrammer021: Who?

noogai3: how do i beat him?

noogai3: the stick figure

programmer021: Ohh...

programmer021: That guy

programmer021: What level is he?

noogai3: i made him the chosen one

programmer021: Are you crazy?!

programmer021: That's suicide, man

noogai3: so how do i beat him?


The Chosen One-0

The Chosen One appearing in AVA Episode 2, after presumed dead for 7 years.


The Chosen One clicking on the Stick Figure Rights link.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 4.26.42 pm

The Chosen One's awakened powers when nearing defeat.


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