The Building Contest
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date December 18, 2017
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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The Building Contest is the 2nd installment of the AVM Shorts series. It was released on YouTube on December 18, 2017.


It starts with The Second Coming using the Minecraft block to create four 64 stacks of every item. Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow each take a 64 stack of every item. The Second Coming then puts away Minecraft, and opens Google Chrome.

The Second Coming presses Google which switches it to Google Images. He then takes the 'e' and puts it on the search bar and gradually uses the letters to enter 'excavator' and signals the other stick figures to build the excavator. The Second Coming then opens a new tab and opens google timer and sets it to 5 minutes. He then signals all the other stick figures to start and starts the timer.

The Building Contest - AVM Shorts Episode 2

The Building Contest - AVM Shorts Episode 2

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After 5 minutes, the timer wakes up The Second Coming, who then gives a whistle and signals the other stick figures to stop. All the stick figures first take a look at Red's excavator, which has a quite simple structure. They then notice a tamed ocelot on top of it, which Red explains to be a way of showing the brand 'CAT'.

The stick figures clap quite awkwardly.

The stick figures then move onto Yellow's excavator build. Yellow's build features a redstone mechanism where the claw can move up and down. The stick figures also clap to his build. After that, Blue showcases his build which looks a lot nicer, hence all the other stick figures clap almost instantly.

Lastly, they see Green's build, which is the nicest of all. The other stick figures stand in awe at it. Then, The Second Coming announces Green as the winner and gives him a golden trophy. The other stick figures still applause for him but when Green wasn't looking, Blue takes out a TNT, Yellow ignites it and Blue throws it onto Green's build. When Green notices, he tries to save his build but it explodes anyway.


  • Alan Becker actually wanted to have Blue put vines (since he has the farmer personality) on his build, but realized that it would make Blue's build almost as good as Green's and took it out to add the contrast between the two's building skills. ("The Building Contest" Behind The Scenes)
  • This is the first AVM Shorts where Alan Becker had help in animating.



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