Texture Pwck is an episode of Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts series. being the eighteenth installment overall and the fifth episode within Season 2.


The episode begins with a normal day in the Fighting Stick Figures' house within Minecraft with each of them doing their own extracurricular activity. During this night, Red is awoken by one of their two parrots due to a sudden change of the world around them and themselves. It is then revealed that Yellow discovered a shortcut to the Minecraft textures folder and began shuffling them around.

Yellow also uncovered that it was possible to change the skin's appearance of mobs after modifying them within the Microsoft Paint bitmap editor. Soon afterwards Yellow, Red and the two parrots engaged in a pillow-like fight that rearranged all the textures to different blocks. This resulted in the entire house being redecorated to textures that didn't correspond with the correct blocks. Realizing what they had done, the four began replacing all the blocks of the shelter based on their incorrect appearance to "temporarily" solve the issue.

The following morning Second Coming, Green and Blue awoke to find their normal blocks that required interaction weren't working correctly, and they immediately seeked Yellow to determine what was occurring. After some stalling, Red worked together with Yellow on a fake redstone contraption that made it seem like this anomaly was toggleable and gain time to fix the wrong. However, the deception was quickly revealed and the five began fighting each other. It concluded with Yellow using TNT in the folder, which ultimately disorganized all the textures even further to the point it was tedious to fix themselves. In the end, all five graciously embraced each other and accepted the temporary new lifestyle they had to adapt to, and shared a cake of TNT, some swords and other things that were edible, despite not appearing so, in a dining room.


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