TNT Land is the 12th episode of the AVMS series, the second in season 2.


The Second Coming arrives at another dimension through the portal in the last episode. There, he sees a Bunny, and asks if it saw his friends around. The bunny takes Orange to a house, and prepares a feast for the new visitor. Meanwhile, The Fighting Stick Figures, stuck at the Skyblock realm take shelter from the invading MMobs. The rain is over and the sun rises, leading the monsters to burn. Back in the mansion, the bunny takes several attempts to kill The Second Coming. TSC reacts and fights Bunny. The local Illagers are released to destroy the target. Orange leaves the place immediately, as the land is replaced by TNT, with exception of the portal. Bunny ignites the explosives, but the Second Coming is lucky and allowed to escape to the portal. Skyblock dimension; the Fighting Stick Figures battle the mobs, when Red is hit by a spider and falls to the void.

However, he survived as the surface is just water. The group follows him.


  • "TNT Land" was the first episode with the title Chosen by fans
  • Since Terkoiz joined the production team in The Flashback, Alan's characters' fighting style was replaced with a RHG climate

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