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Item/Weapon Overview
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This weapon is not in the real Minecraft and only exists in the Animator vs. Animation Franchise.

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Staffs are Minecraft-based weapons or utility tools used in the third and fourth seasons of Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts, as well as the Actual Shorts. These items aren't actual in-game items found in Minecraft, but are instead created by NPCs and stick figures to harness the true potential of the block used as the weapon's core.

The only staffs to exist are the ones created by King Orange in his quest to destroy Minecraft in retribution for his late son, the one created for Yellow by the Engineer Villagers that he and Blue saved the Titan Ravagers and later, the Illagers, and the ones created by the Orb. Of all these staffs, only two were successful variants; most were failed attempts by King Orange, the one Yellow was gifted by the Villagers was ultimately destroyed during their fight with King Orange and King Orange’s perfected staff was given to Yellow after King Orange chose to start his life over again. The Orb is also able to make duplicates of King Orange's staff indefinitely, however the duplicates are colored gold, akin to the Lucky Block itself.

List of Staffs[]

Failed staffs built by King Orange[]


King Orange wielding his first staff prototype.

These staffs are seen briefly in "The King". Each was built by King Orange to house his Command Block, but when finished and tested, did not work.

Perfected staff[]

After many failed attempts at making the right design, King Orange ends up creating a pink-colored staff that successfully draws out the dormant power of the block it holds and used it as his weapon of revenge in his quest to destroy Minecraft. After King Orange redeemed himself and realizing he no longer needs revenge or the staff, he passed it over to it's new owner, Yellow, along with the Command Block to ensure it can't be used for destruction anymore.

Lapis staff[]

In "The Raid", the villagers forge a lapis-enchanted staff for Yellow to use against King Orange with his stolen command block. This staff is seen using certain abilities with the command block that King Orange never used with his staff. In "The King", King Orange steals the staff while Yellow was distracted by the medium-sized Titan Ravager and manages to retrieve his own staff from Purple. After retrieving his own staff back, he destroys it using the forged staff but reclaims the command block to make sure they can't use it against him.

Orb staffs[]

When the Orb took control of Yellow's perfected staff during "Lucky Block Staff", it made gold-colored copies of the original to ward off intruders. These staffs appear to function exactly as the original, but are pre-equipped with a randomized block during the duplication process that can also randomize again, similar to the Lucky Block staff.

Creation Process[]

King Orange's staffs[]

King Orange's failed staffs as well as his iconic one are all made in a similar fashion. These staffs are made of unknown materials, in fact, the only visual difference between the staffs (other than the shape of the top piece) is the material and/or color of the staff. First the individual pieces are created, the lower half, the upper half, and the top piece. These are made by hammering and welding the raw materials together. Second is a matter of simply putting the pieces together and they will fuse, presumably by some magnetic attraction. King Orange's staff was made using the same process.

Yellow's old staff[]

Yellow's staff is made in a quite different process unlike the other ones. First iron is used to mold the shape of the staff. Unlike King Orange's staffs, this does not need to be made in pieces, though can be. The staff is then taken to an enchanting setup and set onto an enchantment table. Someone then performs a ritual, making the staff float in the air and consuming three Lapis Lazuli. When the staff is being enchanted, there are symbols from the Galactic Alphabet orbiting it. When the ritual is done, the staff floats mid air for a few seconds, but then gently floats and lays on the enchantment table.

Orb staffs[]

The Orb staffs were created by the Orb to be used by mobs or to act on their own; they each have a different block in them that gives them power and they can be controlled by the Lucky Orb if within reach. However, this also means that if one isn’t in reach, it can be stolen.

Powers & Abilities[]

Staffs have the ability to use a block's natural properties and enhance them, though the staff's abilities vary from block to block. It can also be used as a normal melee weapon, although a rather ineffective one if not equipped with the right block. The staff can resist Warden attacks, remain intact when fallen from a high place, and can also endure huge shockwaves caused by explosions. However, the powers of the staff are mainly dependent on what type of block is used. Staffs also appear to be able to pull blocks into it if empty, though this is only seen once with an Orb staff.

All-Purpose Blocks[]

  • Command Block: The Command Block is one of the most potent blocks that can be harnessed by the staff, allowing the user to instantly set commands directly without the need to type into the block itself and can even execute commands inaccessible to those in vanilla gameplay, such as generating electrified blocks and being able to paralyze entities in place. The staff is also able to be used as a hoverboard with the right commands, and can also execute multiple commands at the same time, even without the user grabbing it with their hands.
  • Lucky Block: The Lucky Block staff is capable of spawning lucky blocks in its basic form. However, using the staff slowly causes ruckus in the Lucky Dimension, which can eventually result in the Orb hijacking it. When the Orb is controlling the staff, it is capable of summoning any blocks, mobs, hybrid mobs and even duplicating objects, as seen when it duplicates the staff. It is also able to emit large energy waves to take control of blocks/objects. It can also be sorted into 3 phases of its powers.
    • Phase 1: The "basic" phase. The staff simply summons Lucky Blocks. It seems that the wielder is unable to control what comes out of Lucky Blocks.
    • Phase 2: Will begin if the staff is used for too long. The staff starts emitting electricity, and the wielder can transform blocks by shooting the electricity at them. As a result, the ghost-Lucky Blocks inside the Lucky Dimension start glitching out and emitting electricity themselves.
    • Phase 3: Will begin if the user starts shaking the staff. The Lucky Block on top of it starts cycling through other blocks, thus causing chaos and earthquakes inside the Lucky Dimension. It's unknown if the staff gains the power of whatever block is on top of it, or if it still has the Lucky Block Staff's power. The ghost-blocks in the Lucky Dimension start going haywire and emitting more electricity.
    • Phase 3.5: Will begin if the Orb manages to possess the staff. The waiting period between Phases 3 and 4, the Lucky Block Staff starts glowing and the Orb briefly appears on top of the staff before it goes limp and becomes powerless.
    • Phase 4: The final phase, will begin if enough blunt-force trauma is dealt to the staff. After a brief flash of light, the Orb appears on top of the staff and is officially in control of it.
  • Minecraft Game Icon: The Minecraft Game Icon is the most powerful block in existence and thus is at its absolute peak when enhanced by a staff, granting the wielder near-absolute power over the creation and destruction of all blocks, entities and projectiles. King Orange has used it to fly, quickly create large amounts of obsidian, rain veritable hails of flaming projectiles and arrows, as well as to create a black hole that destroyed some of the immediate area before being neutralized. Due to having access to the entire codebase of Minecraft, it is able to do anything within Minecraft.
    • Fused Minecraft Game Icon: Capable of creating a massive black-and-white vortex, which is able to destroy all Minecraft worlds, including multiplayer. In addition to most of the abilities granted by a single Game Icon, King Orange was also seen using this Staff to create a hybrid Titan Ravager/Warden, cast large amounts of dark lightning, manipulate lava, create bedrock and even larger amounts of obsidian, and paralyze and absorb a Titan Ravager and Minecraft blocks and entities into the staff, including those not present in vanilla Minecraft such as Herobrine. However, it is unknown whether this is an ability unique to the two Game Icons combined, or abilities of a single Game Icon. The Fused Game Icon is described to have "exponential power" in comparison to a single Game Icon by Alan. It is unknown how much more powerful the Fused Game Icon is over a single Game Icon, though Alan's statement could be taken as that its power slowly grows as time goes on.

Destructive/Offensive Blocks[]

  • Cake: Shoots cakes rapidly.
  • Campfire: Functions like a very effective flamethrower and/or blowtorch to the point where even sticks (and a marshmallow) turned to ash. The flames can also be used for flight, similar to a rocket thruster.
  • Diamond Block: The diamond block has similar electrical properties to the gold block, and can also destroy a large amount of blocks. This is essentially a hybrid between a gold block and netherite block, with less weight to it in trade for less destructive power.
  • Dispenser: Allows for loading and rapid-fire launching of any projectiles compatible with the dispenser such as arrows, snowballs, fire charges, fish in buckets and more. It can also be enchanted, either with an enchantment table or enchantment table staff, to improve its capabilities.
  • Gold Block: The gold block makes a staff into a light and quick melee weapon. It is strong enough to break obsidian in a single strike and deflect a Warden's attacks, as well creating a electrical charge due to gold being a excellent conductor in real life. It also demonstrates a strong knockback effect. This block is stronger than iron and ancient debris, but weaker than the rest of the blocks on King Orange's tier list.
  • Grindstone: Gives the wielder access to an effective melee attack in the form of the spinning grindstone, slicing objects with ease.
  • Herobrine Head: Grants the wielder superhuman speed, strength, and flight; Basically, Herobrine's powers as displayed against King Orange, though a bit weaker and without the ability to spawn clones. It can also summon Herobrine heads which act as TNT.
  • Iron Block: Along with being a good melee weapon, it also summons things made from iron, such as chains or blocks.
  • Lightning Rod: Conjures lightning in the form of zaps and thunderbolts. This also goes on the staff tip rather than inside it.
  • Magma Block: Possesses fire aspect properties and allows the wielder to shoot fire charges. Also allows summoning of magma blocks.
  • Netherite Block: The netherite block has the same properties as the diamond block, but lacks the conductivity of the gold and diamond blocks. However, it is much stronger and is heavier and seemingly more cumbersome to use, as Red briefly collapsed after attacking with it for the first time. It is powerful enough to shatter even netherite blocks with ease, possess an insane knockback effect, destroy most mobs in a single hit and can even disorient, for a short time, an entity wielding a Minecraft Game Icon.
  • Redstone Block: Can emit/focus it's energy into a laser that can vary from causing redstone objects to activate, to a powerful beam capable of severing blocks in half, something rarely if not ever done before. It is capable of immediately detonating TNT with its laser.
  • TNT: Each swing can eject/launch lit TNT blocks at a distance. Notably, TNT thrown from this staff instantly explodes on contact with a surface or entity.
  • Wither Skeleton Head: Fires the different types of Wither projectiles, which yield a powerful blast and likely give the Wither effect.

Defensive Blocks[]

  • Amethyst Block: Can summon amethyst blocks, which reflects light and beams from the redstone block.
  • Emerald Block: Turns the staff into a stronger, fast melee weapon than if being used without any block attached, as well as a very strong defensive tool, being able to block the brewing stand's potion effects, the campfire's flamethrower attack, and lightning from the lightning rod; essentially, it deflects/blocks powers that try to damage it. It likely can also destroy even netherite, though this is unconfirmed. It's safe to say it can destroy obsidian with ease.
  • Cauldron: Absorbs potion effect particles.
  • Red Mushroom Block: Throws red mushroom items. It is seen used to block Blue's brewing stand staff attack. It also likely can summon mushroom blocks.
  • Sculk Sensor: Grants the wielder the ability to avoid/counter incoming attacks by moving where it won't land or by doing something to avoid it, effectively giving them the senses of the Warden, even if they aren't aware of it as shown by The Second Coming's first use of it. Overall this staff gave a warning reflex move.

Displacement Blocks[]

  • Bedrock: Bedrock is similar to the obsidian block, but instead pushes blocks with more precise control, and allows for follow through when swinging. It presumably also displaces blocks stronger than obsidian can. It can also create bedrock.
  • Obsidian Block: When swung, the obsidian block displaces blocks ahead of the point of impact, apparently doing so by teleporting them forwards. Notably, the obsidian block has some recoil when hitting a block, bouncing the user back rather than traveling through. This may just be because Blue didn't expect the recoil while using it though. Similarly to bedrock, it can also create obsidian blocks, however this ability has only been seen used by the Orb which controls this copy of staff.

Creation Blocks[]

  • Barrier Block: One of the more powerful blocks, the barrier block can—as the name implies—create barriers that are impossible for blocks or stick figures to pass. This ability is often used defensively to deflect incoming attacks, but can also be used offensively, as Yellow used this technique to try to break through to the Orb-possessed staff, though he was thwarted by the Orb. It is the strongest block in terms of defense, as not even bedrock was able to penetrate it.
  • Cobblestone: The cobblestone block is able to create and manipulate cobblestone blocks and decorative blocks that use cobblestone, such as slabs and stairs.
  • Cobweb Block: Shoots web strings and cobwebs that can be used to impair their opponents in various ways or to swing around. The webs can also be fired at blocks of other staffs to disable the staff entirely. The staff is also capable of firing multiple webs at extremely high speeds as projectiles.
  • Dripstone Block: Can be used to create and manipulate dripstone, stalagmites, and stalactites. It can also fire stalagmites/stalactites as projectiles that deal heavy damage.
  • Netherrack: Can be used to create and manipulate netherrack.
  • Oak Log: Able to create and manipulate any kind of block that uses wood, including wooden planks. The block may only be capable of creating blocks that are derived from that specific type of tree's wood. It can also very quickly create wooden structures.
  • Polished Granite: Creates and manipulates polished granite when used.
  • Wool Block: The wool block creates blocks of wool and rugs when used.

Utility Blocks[]

  • Barrel: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just catches and stores items or blocks.
  • Bone Block: Functions much like bone meal in that it instantly fertilizes crops and saplings in (potentially) an infinite amount.
  • Brewing Stand: Launches splash bottles and lingering potion particles of seemingly any type. It can also fire out waves or streams of potion effects.
  • Composter: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just catches items that can be composted to convert them into bone meal.
  • Crafting Table: Essentially works as a regular crafting table, but magnified in the sense it can craft multiple objects at once with the available ingredients. (As shown with The Second Coming crafting a chest, an oak boat, a shield, a bed, a sign, a diamond pickaxe, a torch, and a grindstone from 5 sticks, 3 diamonds, 1 coal, 3 iron ingots, 5 oak planks, 3 wool, and a stone slab.)
  • Enchanting Table: Allows the wielder to enchant an item with practically any form of enchantment, including ones that would normally be impossible to infuse an item of their type with. The enchantments can be any level, including ones usually not possible without a Command Block (such as Knockback 99). It can also be used to enchant mobs or non-weapon items or entities.
  • End Portal Frame: Opens wormholes akin to a potion once used by the Witch and Blue.
  • Furnace: Smelts/cooks anything that can be used in it immediately once it waves over the item(s).
  • Lapis Lazuli Block: Grants the wielder flight to themselves and other objects and/or entities, with objects having an enchantment-like glow. It can also hold blocks in place. It seemingly affects gravity of anything its rays touch. It's also briefly seen to be used offensively by the Orb like a laser right after it tried to drop a cluster of obsidian after The Second Coming and the Fighting Stick Figures entered the Orb's lair.
  • Monster Spawner Block: Spawns mobs, and can even spawn chimera-like mobs that inherit the traits of multiple mobs in a single mob.
  • Note Block: Can create sheet music that shows what is being played while also being able to play multiple instruments and notes at once. The notes can be used as an attack as well, and the music sheet can be used to keep mobs in place while attacking. It also can be used as a ranged weapon, as it can shoot multiple notes at once in the direction you are pointing the top, without the sheet music. The amount of notes can vary, as it can also spray notes in no particular direction, and can make a tornado of notes that acts as one, picking up blocks or mobs up into the air with it. It can also be used to create note blocks.
  • Piston: The slotted piston can retract and extend itself to allow for longer-ranged combat or to launch the wielder if positioned at an opposing angle like the floor.
  • Smithing Table: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It is likely to function as a better/more efficient version of the smithing table if the crafting table and furnace are taken into account as examples or something along the lines of this: Place a smithing template (e.g Silence) and a material (e.g amethyst) inside the table to apply trims to whatever armor or add a netherite upgrade and a netherite ingot to upgrade any diamond armor and tool.

Other Blocks[]

  • Acacia Log: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely works exactly like the oak log.
  • Ancient Debris: Ancient debris is possible to be equipped in a staff and would've been one of the blocks King Orange would potentially use. It's properties are unknown. What is known however is that King ranked this the lowest out of all the compatible blocks. It is likely a weak melee weapon.
  • Anvil: It applies immense weight onto the staff to the point of being impractical to be used even as a sledgehammer.
  • Bee Nest: Collects and summons bees. It may also be able to fire out bees as fast projectiles, but this is unconfirmed.
  • Bell Block: Works as a light yet powerful melee weapon, akin to a baseball bat or similar weapon. It is likely to be able to stun its target.
  • Black Concrete Powder: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just summons black concrete powder.
  • Blue Wool: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely works exactly the same as the wool staff.
  • Bookshelf: Can throw books, paper, and bookshelves.
  • Bricks: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just summons bricks.
  • Brown Mushroom Block: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely works exactly the same as the red mushroom block staff.
  • Cactus: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just summons cacti or pricks other entities for damage.
  • Creeper Head: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely works similar to the projectile ability of the Steve and Herobrine heads. It may also summon Creepers.
  • Dark Prismarine: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just summons dark prismarine and possibly guardians/elder guardians due to monuments containing both guardians and dark prismarine.
  • Diamond Ore: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just summons diamond ore and potentially diamond tools.
  • Dirt: Unknown, though it likely just summons dirt, an ability similar to the netherrack block as an example.
  • End Stone: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just summons end stone. It may also give some kind of hovering property, due to the nature of End islands.
  • Glass: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just summons glass or grants users invisibility with the staff.
  • Glowstone: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just summons glowstone, makes entities glow or lights up a huge area.
  • Hay Bale: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just summons hay bales or give the user a much smoother landing from a height.
  • Ice Block: Grants the wielder freezing powers. Can also summon ice.
  • Leaf Block: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown, though it likely just summons leaves, vines, and other similar blocks/items.
  • Melon: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely fires out melons and summons melon blocks.
  • Quartz Block: Creates quartz blocks.
  • Red Concrete: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown, though it likely just summons red concrete blocks.
  • Redstone Lamp: Barely seen in the video, its power is unknown. It likely just summons redstone lamps and similar redstone components or lights up a huge area.
  • Snow Block: Fires snowballs at very high speeds. It also may summon snow, but this is unconfirmed.
  • Steve/Player Head: Alan stated that the player head staff had the ability to shoot Steve heads[1], however this ability was never seen due to it being turned into a Herobrine head before it could be used.
  • Water Source Block: Unknown, though likely just summons water, similar to the way the ice block staff works.


King Orange's Staff (Empty Slot)
King Orange's Staff (Empty Slot)

The wiki has images for Staffs here.

Audio Samples[]

Sound Description
The sound when the staff was used with a command block.
The sound when King Orange creates a new black hole with the fused Minecraft Game Icon in the staff.
The sound when King Orange charges the fused Minecraft Game Icon in the staff.
The sound when the staff hits the ground.
The sound when putting in a Minecraft Game Icon into the staff.



  • Out of all of the staff wielders, King Orange wielded a staff for the longest amount of time, that being several episodes straight - after all, it is his staff. Meanwhile, the Warden wielded a staff for the shortest amount of time, that being only around one second.
    • The current order, from longest to shortest, is: King Orange, The Second Coming, Red, Purple, Yellow, Spider, Green, Blue, and the Warden.
      • King Orange, Red, Yellow, The Second Coming and Purple are the only characters who wielded a staff for more than one episode.
  • Not including the top part where the blocks are placed, the staff is 1.7 blocks tall. (This was measured using its first appearance, which could be a different size in other scenes.)
  • The lightning rod is the only block (so far) not placed in the block slot of the staff, being placed on the tip instead.
  • The campfire staff and redstone block staff are references to The Chosen One and possibly iron man in the way their powers look and act.
  • The netherite block and command block staffs are the only staff variants in Season 3 to return in Season 4.
    • However, the staff's power was further harnessed by the Stick Gang in Lucky Block Staff.
  • The cake is the only block that appears on a staff in the episode "The Prank".
  • Originally, only 10 blocks were thought to be compatible with the staff: Ancient debris, iron block, gold block, emerald block, diamond block, obsidian block, netherite block, command block, the Minecraft Game Icon, and the fused Minecraft Game Icon. "Lucky Block Staff" proved that King made his staff compatible for all blocks in the entire game.
    • King Orange's tier list put ancient debris in D, iron block and gold block in C, emerald block, diamond block and obsidian block in B, netherite block in A, and command block in AA (in those respective orders). The Game Icon and Fused Game Icon are not in the tier list but are seen put into the staff later, and are much more powerful. From what's seen in "Lucky Block Staff" though, the tier list may be outdated/incorrect, either due to in-universe factors or Alan not planning to use most of those blocks up until after "The King" released.
  • According to Alan in the Animator vs. Games Season 3 Real Time reaction, the staff has no official name and is just a staff.


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