Skype is one of the many Computer apps that stood against The Chosen One in Animator vs. Animation 3. Skype is a blue circle with two smaller circles on the top left and bottom right. Skype fights using a boxing type fighting style against The Chosen One that was pretty effective against him. But eventually, Skype was defeated along with the other Computer apps when Skype (and Internet Explorer) were kicked off the edge of the window they were on. It has a lot of people.


Skype was a light blue big circle with two small circles facing north-west and south-east attach to the big circle and a letter S in the big circle.

Powers And Abilities

  • Skype's small circles around its body can be used to punch and whack enemies. They also allow it to roll around quickly.
  • The small circles seem to have stickman-hand-powers, for they can still pick things up.


  • Skype was the sixth app to be defeated by The Chosen One.
  • Skype was born on September 14, 1995. But first appeared on August 2003 when Skype was launched for the first time.
  • Skype's icon is blue.
  • Skype is the second icon to use a weapon(the glass from the paint icon).


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