Skyblock is the 11th episode of AVM Shorts.


The episode begins with all five stickfigures staring at the newly discovered Nether Portal Network. Yellow, Blue and Red immediately run off to investigate. Green joins them after saying goodbye to Second Coming, who refused to come. The four stickfigures all run through the first portal, and are teleported above a skyblock containng a tree and a chest. Blue and Yellow harvest the tree, while Green and Red investigate the chest. Green, irritated by Red's interferance, shoved him away, resulting in a minor fight that knocked the chest off the block. Blue and Yellow successfully harvest the tree, but the only sappling produced also falls off the block. Blue pulls out and plants another sappling, as the other stick figures decide to use their own resources to expand the skyblock.

Back on the desktop, Second Coming had recreated a relaxing beach front, complete with Beach Sounds playing in the background. Despite his newfound relaxation, Second Coming quickly becomes lonely. A nearby photo of him with the other stick figures only amplifies his loneliness. The other stickfigures are content on their developed skyblock. Green builds the finishing touches on Yellow's mob grinder, while Yellow collects mob loot and stores it in a chest. Blue is busy harvesting and crafting food, with resources from Red's pet cow and pig. Blue and Red eventually bring up some food for the four stickfigures to begin a feast. Meanwhile, Second Coming visits It enters the room, and experiences a hallucination of Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. This hallucination soon fades, leaving Second Coming even more lonely. Suddenly, Second Coming senses the beginning of the stick figure's skyblock's destruction. It sees flashes of Yellows grinder blowing up from a Creeper, lighting striking a wooden staircase, and Green fighting off monsters while Red, Blue and Yellow retreat. Second Coming immediatly draws his sword and rushes off to help its friends. As a result of the monsters and bad weather, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red are left stranded on a dirt platform, hudled around a fire for warmth. Blue gives the only remaining food, two carrots, to Green and Red to keep them from starving. Eventually, Green suggests attempting to climb back to the portal. The others argee to this plan. As the four stickfigure pillar their way up to the Skyblock portal, Second Coming appears in the Nether. It runs towards the portal, only to be intercepted by a Ghast. The Ghast begins to fire fireballs at Second Coming, disabling the portal. Second Coming continues to dodge fireballs, but is eventually forced to escape through another portals. Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue finally reach the portal. However, the portal fades just as Yellow steps into the frame, leaving the four stickfigures shocked.


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