Required Essay is an essay written in Microsoft Word. The shortcut was first seen in Animator vs. Animation 2, which


was destroyed with fire by the Chosen One. The document was seen opened in Animator vs. Animation 3, and it forms one of the battlefields between the Chosen One and noogai3, along with Clippit and the Dark Lord.


One of the first things the Chosen One does after escaping Flash in Animator vs. Animation 2 is to burn the Required Essay desktop shortcut.

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In Animator vs. Animation 3, the document is accessed by the Chosen One after he escapes his imprisonment as a pop-up blocker and breaks out of Internet Explorer. Once noogai3 finds the Chosen One, the latter starts eating the document text before spitting letters at the cursor. noogai3 fights back with the Tab key until the Chosen One burns the text with his laser vision.

Clippit sees the carnage and offers to help noogai3 kill the stick figure. noogai3 accepts just as the Chosen One starts eating the last paragraph of the essay. After ignoring Clippit's threat, the two engage in combat, noogai3 taking part as well. Clippit creates an ASCII-art sword while the Chosen One forges two spears from an arrows icon. noogai3 creates and ASCII-art gun, and he and Clippit corner the Chosen One, who destroys both weapons with his fire breath.

While the Chosen One and Clippit continue fighting, noogai3 creates a second stick figure in Flash called the Dark Lord and tasks it to destroy the Chosen One. The Dark Lord enters the arena just as the Chosen One defeats Clippit and all of the text is destroyed. The Dark Lord launches a seismic stomp which deploys all the bottom menus. The menus become weapons for both sticks until the Chosen One uses the cursor icon to minimize the window, taking the battle outside.

Document text

The essay at the start of the battle is written out as follows:

Required Essay: Period 7
Today’s society is too busy to see meaning in art. Art today is more about beauty than provoking thought. To understand a piece of art is to stop and think, and nobody has time to do that anymore, because they are preoccupied with their busy schedules. On the other hand, beauty can be seen in a picture right away without thinking. The primary function of today’s artist is to create beauty; people are more affected now by first impressions than by underlying messages.
The world is a gigantic, thriving organism, bustling with activity. Everywhere you look, there are people in cars talking on cell phones, getting ready for their next event. The only art in their lives are the ads in their magazines and the commercials on their televisions. Can one pack a provoking message into thirty seconds of television or on one page of a magazine? It is possible, but conveying beauty is much easier. All you need for an impacting beer commercial are pretty women holding ice-cold bottles of the liquid. Just take some slow motion shot of cars splashing through water, and you have a high-quality car commercial. Many people are so lazy that the media can only appeal to them through their eyes.
Does anyone think beyond the surface of art? A dying percentage does, and those are the professional fine artists and art historians. Art is no longer the channel through which people pour their thoughts. Therefore, if there is a message you want to convey to the population, writing a book would be a better choice.


  • The essay seems to be a persuasive essay aimed at explaining the difficulty in projecting the deep meaning of art as opposed to simply creating a piece that is pleasing to look at.
  • The same required essay makes an appearance in Animation vs Minecraft, located in the stuff folder in the storage folder. In the same folder is a backup variant of the essay.