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Redstone Academy is an episode part of the AVM Shorts, being the fifteenth installment overall within the series and the first within Season 2.


After the tragic events in Season One in Minecraft, they all get back together with Yellow to learn some redstone contraptions.

Blue, Second Coming, and Green all shrug and wait for Yellow to appear from offscreen. Yellow then takes a bite of an apple and throws it. Yellow smacks down his stick and points at the rest of the Stick Figures. They all sit down. Yellow proceeds to place an item frame and put redstone in it. He points at it and everybody else nods. Yellow points at everybody angrily and everybody starts jumping slightly.

The other stick figures quickly start writing in their journals. Yellow snappily places down a redstone ore block. He then mines it for four redstone. The stick figures write. Yellow grabs the redstone and a stick and crafts it into a redstone torch. The others get bored and Yellow points at them with the redstone torch. The others write it down. Yellow does some redstone components with torches and lamps. The other stick figures write it all down. Yellow places a lever and flicks it. Causing everybody including Yellow to fall down.

Underground, there is a sign saying INPUTS and item frames with it. Everybody opens and flicks each of their chests, levers and buttons. Each causes them to activate a lamp. Yellow flicks another lever. They go down to the outputs section. They flick their levers, they all git hit. Yellow points at them again and they all start to write. Scrolling down, they are now doing repeaters. Yellow shows the others ticks on repeaters. Yellow then flicks a lever showing how ticks work. In the item transport section, Yellow throws something in a hopper and then the minecart chest goes and fires a cookie out of a dispenser. Proceeding, Yellow shows observers and how they work. After that, Yellow shows pistons. The pistons open up a door. Yellow rides on a flying machine. That flying machine takes everybody down. Minecarts go with all of the stick figures and goes through the logic gates. Then at the bubble elevator, everybody gets taken upwards to the surface. Yellow then gives everybody redstone components.

Everybody starts with their projects. TSC eventually makes a version of Whack-A-Mole. He plays it, but then sees Green with a version of Dance Dance Revolution. The music is from AVM Shorts Episode 5. Disappointed, TSC started to rebuild his creation. Meanwhile, Green finishes playing. He sees TSC playing Pong, using redstone lamps as pixels. When he is finished(he won all 5 rounds because he was playing against himself), he sees Green playing Tetris. TSC started to rebuild his creation. Meanwhile, Yellow was playing with his redstone torch until he burnt himself. He then checked the time and went to see the projects. First, he saw Red's machine. It was supposed to clean pigs. It worked, but the pig jumped in mud and got dirty. Next, he saw that Blue's machine made soup. Blue offered Yellow the soup, only to find out that he was leaving. Next he saw TSC's machine, which was a 2D version of Minecraft. TSC showed Yellow how to play, then Yellow left and saw Green, who had made the actual Minecraft.

In the end, Red wins the prize of a gold trophy. Second Coming gives Green a trophy, and Second Coming pulls out a lever and it punches Green in the face.




Redstone Consultant


  • The music by Aaron Grooves from Note Blocks makes a brief appearance in Green's redstone contraption.
    • Storywise, Green is also the "composer" of the music, so it would be implied that they used the recent redstone knowledge to recreate the music.
  • Several other popular mini-games were also featured: Whac-A-Mole, Pong, Tetris, 2D Minecraft and Minecraft emulated within Minecraft.


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