Red is one of the Fighting Stick Figures.

Story and Apperances in Order

Animation vs Animator IV

Red appears when The Second Coming visited and met Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red at the same time. Then he escaped with Blue, Yellow, Green and The Second Coming and started to mess up the computer. When Noogai3 saw what the Stick Figures were done he deleted Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. When The Second Coming is captured, Noogai3 asked for his help but The Second Coming said no because he deleted his friends (including Red), so Noogai3 refreshes and Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green are playing cards and spot The Second Coming and they wave. After The Second Coming has finished animating, he plays fighting with the other Stick figures and wins.

Animation vs Minecraft

Red is the secondary antagonist of Animation vs Minecraft. He is first seen looking at the creations of the Stick figures until Yellow hands him the Minecraft block. Red looks at the block and snatches it of Yellow and sits down and looks at all the blocks. He becomes evil and starts to attack all of the other Stick figures. He then escaped to the Stuff folder.

Red is then seen again in his Secret Nether base and the other Stick figures realize that he put all of the Mob spawners in and he starts to attack them again when they come close to him. Green hits him with his sword and Red glitches out and we can see that Herobrine has taken control of Red. He then builds a cobblestone Stick Figure Mech and starts to attack the other Stick figures. When the other stick figures are breaking his mech's legs, he turns the mech into obsidian so they can't destroy it as easily. He is then stomping on the Stick figures (apart from The Second Coming) and breaking their armor with every stomp.

The Second Coming grabs two pickaxes and then jumps onto the mech and starts mining rapidly, soon breaking one block of obsidian. Red (still possessed by Herobrine) looks at The Second Coming as he tries to mine into the head, Red then grabs The Second Coming off the mech head and starts to hit him on the ground. Blue, Yellow and Green look in horror as Red slams The Second Coming on the floor, so they grab The Second Coming when Red throws him on the floor and run.

Red then crawls in his mech through the tunnel the other Stick figures mined and comes out of the tunnel and he looks for the others. Green then uses his fishing rod, hooking it on the mech. Yellow does the same so Red's mech can't move. The Second Coming then quickly crafts a minecart and rails and rapidly places the rails down and places the minecart on it. Red then moves his mech and its foot lands on the minecart, causing the mech to slip and fall over. Blue then places dirt blocks on the floor with saplings on top of them and he uses bonemeal to make them grow. When the trees grew, they broke the mech's head, destroying the mech and causing Red to lose his grip on the Minecraft block. The Second Coming then grabs the block and tries to make his way to the Recycle Bin icon. After Red tried to grab the block a couple of times, eventually, The Second coming manages to slam-dunk the block into the Recycling Bin and all of the damage to the computer vanishes. Red is then on the floor and Herobrine tries to escape from Red but dies. Red is then seen feeling himself and then he prays at them as if he is saying sorry, the others forgive him, having seen that he was possessed, and then they jump out of the folder and walk away until Yellow stands on another game: League of Legends.

Animation vs Youtube

Red is seen at the end of the Animation vs Youtube and sits down with Yellow and Blue and watches Youtube with them until the screen starts to buffer so Red hits the TV. We can predict that the same thing happened to Red, Blue and Yellow as it did to The Second Coming and Green.

The Rediscovery - AVM Shorts Episode 1

When The Second Coming rediscovers the Minecraft Block he gives it to each of his friends to use, but before he can give it to Red, Yellow Remembers all the thing's Red did to him when he was possessed by Herobrine, They go on and set up a trap and give him the Block, Red then pretends to be possessed and starts cycling through various weapons and tools of destruction. Yellow moves to press the button to fire but The Second Coming stops him. Red then equips a spawn egg to spawn rabbits Red then laughs before Blue approaches him, takes off his helmet, and whacks him over, ending the animation.


  • Red is the only Fighting Stick Figure that was an antagonist. (But only because he was possessed by Herobrine)
  • Red is the first character to be deleted by Alan/noogai3.
  • Red seems to like various animals.
  • Red is the first character to find the uses on a Minecraft music block(along with Blue).
  • Red is the only character that didn't get hurt in PVP - AVM Shorts Episode 7.
  • Red to the first Character in spawn an animal using Minecraft.
  • Overall, Red has spawned:
    1. Three rabbits
    2. Cat
    3. Pig
    4. Llama
    5. Seven chickens
    6. Iron Golem
    7. An army of Snow Golems
    8. Cow
  • Alan describes Red as goofy and says he can get carried away sometimes.


Red Stick Figure


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Red in Animation vs Animator Card Game

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