Recycle Bin
Recycle Bin XP Full


Recycle Bin


Dragging items into the recycle bin allows you to click empty, Upon clicking empty the files will be deleted.


Trash Bin



Introduced in

"Animator vs. Animation 2"

Last Appearance

"The Virus - Animator vs. Animation Shorts - Episode 1"



Recycle Bin XP Full
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The Recycle Bin appeared in Animator vs Animation 2 and AvA3.


  • Every Microsoft Windows starting with Windows 95


  • Animator vs. Animation 2: It was rummaged through by The Chosen One, having "crap" "junk" and "crappy junk" thrown out of it, then moved away from The Chosen One. Firefox was chucked inside it, then burnt out of it in a rage of fury.
  • Animator vs. Animation 3: Yahoo! was kicked into the Recycle Bin by The Chosen One.
  • Animation vs. Minecraft: The Recycling Bin appears in Animation vs. Minecraft. When The Second Coming chucks the Minecraft Block into the bin, causing everything Minecraft related to disappear and for their friend, Red, to be let free of Herobrine's possession.


  • Recycle Bin is one of the few programs to not be able to attack on it's own. The only way it can attack is have something put something in it and empty it. It deletes almost anything in it.
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