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Season 1, Episode 4
Air date February 28, 2017
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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Potions is the 4th installment for the AVM Shorts series. It features Blue for most of the video. It is released on YouTube on February 18, 2017.



Potions - AVM Shorts Episode 4

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The episode starts with Blue tending to his garden. He harvests his wheat, melons, beets, carrots, and potatoes, and plants more. He even eats some of his harvest. He then harvests his nether wart and plants another. He smells the nether wart and then tries a bite. He then is amazed, and eats more. He then puts it in both hands and eats then both. at the same time. Then he puts all the nether wart into a cauldron. He lights a fire underneath i, and begins stirring. He then tries some. He gets a bottle, and bottles some, but is startled when it is labeled Awkward Potion.

He then touches it, and the label comes back. Blue then picks it up and drinks it. When nothing happens, he bottles some more and places a brewing stand. He then puts the potion, and blaze powder into the brewing stand. He then puts in various items to try to make a potion, which get ejected, until he finally puts in magma cream, and the awkward potion becomes a fire resistance potion, which he immediately tests by diving into the fire. Blue then puts another awkward potion in, and tries many items until he puts in a rabbit's foot. A jump boost potion is brewed. Blue jumps around. Very high in the air. When Blue stops, he begins to make tons of potions.

We then see Red, who spawns a pig, and uses a lead on it. He then follows where the pig wants to go, which leads him to the place where Blue had made potions. The place is covered in many potion bottles, and Blue is asleep, albeit drunk from drinking too many potions. Red wakes Blue up, but while he does so, the pig drinks tons of potions, much to Blue’s dismay. The pig then gets many status effects (which are what potions give) and begins to quiver in place. It then picked Blue's Wheat and started to eat it. Blue tries to pull it from his mouth, but the pig throws him into the air. The pig then finishes eating. Red then puts his arms out, in an attempt to stop the pig if it moves, and Blue then grabs the pig. Blue takes a melon from the pig, but that made the pig even worse than he was before. The pig then runs forward, knocking Red away, and breaking everything in his path.

We then see Green, Yellow, and The Second Coming around a campfire. The pig runs through the seats and fire, destroying them. The Second Coming gets up, startled, and dodges the running pig. The pig turns around, and runs at The Second Coming, as he gets out his sword, and hits the pig's face. The pig then starts to shake, and its stomach starts growling. The pig then throws Orange into the air, and attacks him with various kicks and punches, until finally spiking Orange down into the ground. The pig lands on him, and the other stick figures take a step back.

Blue steps forward with multiple Potions in his hands, ready to fight in kind. He puts his fists together. The pig throws The Second Coming out from under him, and charges Blue, who blocks. The pig then throws Blue into the air and tries to punch and kick, but Blue blocks them, and catches one of the punches, and throws the pig onto the "Files" icon. The pig then uses the icon to launch itself towards Blue. They begin to fight more, as Blue dodges and blocks the pig's attacks, he gets a few punches and kicks in, before the pig throws him against the wall, and begins to hit Blue as he ricochets off the wall.

Red, Green, Yellow, and The Second Coming all come with potions and begin to fight the pig. They throw the pig into the air, and kick him up until The Second Coming grabs the pig in midair, spins him around, and throws him into Blue's workspace. The stick figures all crowd around the stunned pig, and Orange gets out his sword, and is about to stab the pig.

The pig suddenly gets up, and begins knocking all the stick figures around again. The pig begins launching itself off the walls to keep hitting the stick figures in the ai, until it's status effects all wear off, and the pig falls to its death. All th othere stick figures cheer, as Red falls to his knees, and covers his face. The stick figures all come to comfort him, as Red jumps up, places a llama, and raises his arms in the air. The llama then spits on him.


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