Paint (also known as Microsoft Paint) is a program first seen in Animator vs. Animation 2, and Animator vs. Animation 3. It is mainly used as armament.


It has a holder which is made of glass and contains a green paintbrush, yellow colored pencil, and a red pen but from Vista and 7, it consists of a palette (probably made of plastic) with paints and a paintbrush.


The Brush, Pencil, and Pen

The Glass Cup


Brush 1

The cup/holder was smashed by AOL Instant Messenger and Skype.



  • The cup/holder was believed to be made of glass as it was smashed when Skype moved and the holder was smashed onto The Chosen One in Animator vs Animation 3.
  • The drawing tools are r ed pen, green brush, and ya ellow pencil.
  • The icon was the XP.
  • It has only two appearances.
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