Season 1, Episode 7
Air date May 18th, 2018
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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PVP is the 7th installment for the AVM Shorts Series. It is released on YouTube on May 18th, 2018.


PvP - AVM Shorts Episode 7

PvP - AVM Shorts Episode 7

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The episode begins with a probably build battle between Green, Blue, Red; who were building a castle and Yellow and The Second Coming; who were building a house. The castle is just too big, and Orange needs more space for his house. He then removes a small part of the castle to proceed building his house, but Green disagrees. The Second Coming keeps destroying the castle, making Green attack him with a sword.

They start a fight: Green, Blue & Red vs Orange/The Second Coming & Yellow. Red got the idea of spawning an Iron Golem to stop Yellow and The Second Coming. The Golem successfully attacks them away. After that, Green proceeds to build his castle, until a TNT is thrown by Yellow. Green, Blue and Red escape before it detonates, but the golem got killed. Yellow places dispensers to shoot arrows at the opponents. Blue and Red use shields to protect themselves from the arrows while Green teleports to the house using ender pearls, and starts to destroy the house until Yellow and The Second Coming arrived and almost kill him. He is saved when Red creates an army of Snow Golems. Green then uses another pearl and teleports to the upper room of the house to destroy it.

Suddenly, The Second Coming gets to Green using ender pearls too, and attacks him to avoid the destruction of his house. Green just ignores the attacks and keeps destroying it. The Second Coming gets angrier and pushes Green back to the castle. The Second Coming continues to destroy the castle. Blue and Red make invisibility potions, and attack The Second Coming, but before he dies, Yellow throws milk on Blue and Red, revealing them. As The Second Coming proceeds to hit Red with his sword, Green places TNT on the house, and is about to detonate it. Rapidly, The Second Coming kills him before the TNT gets detonated. After that, they all stopped fighting.

Unknown to the others, Green respawns in the website he is from[1]. He gets out via the door, which is still working, to see that his friends made a funeral for him. He tries to surprise them by jumping into the blocks and popping out of the coffin. They accidentally kill him again, thinking he is a zombie.


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