Orbit is the Computer App with an arrow that appears on Animator vs. Animation III. It's a downloading software for downloading a file. This app looks like uTorrent but no torrent files opening.


Orbit has a blue sphere with a thick white outline and has an arrow inside it attached to the outline in 3D.

Animator vs. Animation 3

Orbit was called by the Dark Lord. (friend/former enemy) It tried to defeat The Chosen One but he fought back by kicking the arrow. Orbit tried again but the The Chosen One uses Orbit as a human shield against Google Chrome's lasers and throws Orbit off the solitare page. It possibly could have been more effective if all the others attacked at once.

Powers and Abilities

  • Orbit can use the arrow to punch, jab, slam and pound enemies.
  • Orbit can roll fairly fast, and is much faster then a lot of the other programs because of it.


  • In Animator vs Animation 3 The Chosen One Kicked the Arrow until it was defeated.
  • Orbit uses this arrow as a recoil-action stick of the control to not just punch but to jab, slam and pound enemies.
  • Orbit was the first program to die in Animator Vs Animation 3.
  • The website for Orbit is here:


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