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Note Blocks
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date March 18, 2018
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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Note Blocks is the 5th episode in the AVM Shorts series. It is released on YouTube on March 18, 2018.


Note Blocks - AVM Shorts Episode 5 (music by AaronGrooves)

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It all starts with Red holding a chicken while following Blue. Blue then makes a statue of the chicken. Red doesn't seem satisfied with the beak, which is brown wool, so Blue replaces it with dirt. Red still doesn't like it, so Blue uses a note block. Red still doesn't like it, so Blue tries to break the block, but when he smacks it, the block plays a note. Blue and Red get very excited, causing Red to drop the chicken, which, in turn, walks off.

Red begins to break the statue, while Blue places 4 note blocks, and places another on top of the forth. He then hits the first one once, the second one twice, the third one three times, and hits the forth, but is surprised when the sound is different: a bass instead of the usual harp. Blue then removes the note block under it, but is surprised to find that the sound is back to how the others sound. He then switches the block for stone (kick bass), and then sand (snare), testing the different sounds. Red builds three note blocks. he then hits each of them. He then slides his hand over the first one, causing it to repitch. He then moves the pitch higher, and moves the next one up, and plays Mary Had a Little Lamb.

The screen shifts so that we can see Blue and Red. Blue has made a drum set, and plays the classic high hat on every eighth, and switch off on kick and snare, while Red plays Mary Had a Little Lamb. Yellow appears on screen, and nods with approval. Yellow then places a stone block, and a note block on top of it. He then places a redstone repeater, and a redstone torch, and the note block plays a note. He then breaks the redstone torch, and then places sand, then a note block on top of it, then a repeater, then a stone block, and a note block on top of it, then a repeater, then a sand block, and a note block on top of it. He then places the redstone torch, and it goes, kick snare kick snare. Pattern: (....). He then sets the repeater after the first sand block to 3 ticks, and the repeater before that to 4 ticks. The machine then plays the kick and snare that Blue was playing. Pattern: (. - .-) Red and Blue are excited, and Red adds two more note blocks to his 3 block instrument. Blue destroys his drum set, and builds a bass.

Red and Blue then play a song from the bass and normal note block sounds. Green then appears on the left side of the screen, clapping. Green then gestures to Red's instrument, which he lets him play. Green plays a very complex song. Red, Blue, and Yellow clap. Green then takes Yellow, and breaks most of Yellows machine, and replaces it with a note block on glass on one side of Green, and a note block on glass on the other side of Green. He then plays one, then the other, then the first one twice, and the other once. Pattern: (. . {.. . .. . .. .}) Yellow then makes a machine that plays the exact tune green was playing. Green then builds a layer above it, and then builds glass and a note block on top of it and then stone with a note block on top of it, and plays the the stone one twice, and the glass one once. Pattern: ({.. :}) Yellow then duplicates the sound with a machine. Green then builds another layer, and then gets a stone note block, and plays it 4 times, and then 2 more times. Pattern: ({:::: ::}) Yellow then duplicates the sound with another machine. Green then goes down to Blues old bass, and builds it to look a lot cooler, and then plays a tune on it, and then grabs Blues arms and shows him how to do it. Yellow then builds himself a drum set, and plays it. Green then shows Red how to play the chords for the song on the Harpsichord he made Red. Red then plays it on his own. Green then builds himself a vibraphone, and solos on it to the other stick figures tunes. He then builds a pitch bend synth (note block on clay with a lever on the side), while soloing on the vibraphone, and then switches to his pitch bend synth, using a lever on the side to bend the pitch.

We then see that The Second Coming has been trying to sleep in his house. He then gets up, wearily, and then goes past the stick figures playing music. While he is doing this, Green is soloing with the vibraphone, and a xylophone (note block on ice.). The Second Coming presses the volume button and pushes the slider from 50 to 0. The stick figures stop playing their music, as The Second Coming goes back to bed. Blue then sets the volume to 100. The stick figures then blast their music, waking up The Second Coming, ending the song with a finish to Green's solo: a final screech from the synth..


  • . = Glass
  • : = Stone
  • {} = Repeat


Fun Fact: Youtuber AaronGrooves made the song, “Jazzy Note Blocks”, into sheet music. This is the first episode in the series to have The Second Coming as a minor character.

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