Note Block Battle is an episode of Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts series, being the sixteenth installment overall and the second episode within Season 2.


Green attempts to create a fresh new song before they were interrupted by Red, Blue and Yellow respectively. As the three become outcasted from the composition production, they spawn a chicken and give it special potion effects to aid Green instead. It becomes infuriating and a battle of music was held.

Towards the end of the battle, Second Coming is shown to be sleeping in their house again being disturbed by the ongoing noise. Instead of turning down the volume like in Note Blocks - AVM Shorts Episode 5, he solos his own electric guitar moment(which sounds very similar to the revenge theme in Note Blocks) to the point an orange shockwave comes out of the guitar and lightning destroys all the instruments on the desktop, declaring him as the true winner of the competition.




Special Credit

  • Taysia
  • Lynn Genobaga
  • Arneho



  • This is the second time AaronGrooves was commissioned to create music for AVM.
    • A remixed tune of Symphony No. 5 (composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven) can be heard briefly in the portion of the track of Note Block Rock Symphony.
  • There is a unique potion within the universe of AVA called Potion of Musicality by brewing with a note block to give creatures the ability to play music.
    • Striking lightning on note blocks to give guitar tunes an electric theme is also custom.

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