―My Computer after it got fire attack from The Chosen One.
My Computer appears in Animator vs. Animation 2 and has a minor appearance in the third.


My Computer has a monitor with a light blue screen with a tower but in Vista, 7 and 8, the tower looks different as it looks like a DVD player and the bottom of the Monitor is a cone instead of a flat circle with a stand and it is a rectangle with an indigo screen.


After AIM was defeated, the computer icon appears on top of Paint's text with an angry expression It then jumps to the ground and starts hitting The Chosen One with a mouse. The Chosen One then sent out a flame, which it blocked with a "Firewall". During this time, The Animator started the avast! program. My Computer held up a bit longer but its mouse was torn out. Then, it shot out Compact Disks, which the Chosen One threw back. The disks forced the computer to load them all, which let The Chosen One get to the Start menu.


  • Computer mouse to punch and hit.
  • Shield.
  • Fire wall.
  • Disk shooting.


  • The My Computer has been renamed in Vista/7.
  • In Animator vs. Animation 3, My Computer isn't called as a non-speaking role
  • It was the only desktop icon to survive the vortex created by the Chosen One and the Dark Lord.
    XP Withous Face
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