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Minecraft is a 3D sandbox application game created by Mojang Studios that allows users and players to create, build and fight in the virtual cube terrain world it simulates. It is the main application used in Animation vs. Minecraft and in the AVM Shorts series. Although noogai3 has not been shown to play the game himself, the main five use it as a utility for travelling and entertainment.


Animation vs. Minecraft

The game was first introduced when Second Coming accidentally steps on the icon for it when wandering the desktop, which prompted a toolbar for creative mode. Later on, the other four discover the potential it had and sometime during this process, an entity known as Herobrine possessed Red.

During the duration of Herobrine's control, he implanted spawners for hostile mobs throughout noogai3's storage and created a separate nether-like desktop. The remainder of the five were forced to switch to Survival to fight Red to regain Creative and destroy the game to return Red back to his former self. In doing this, it kills Herobrine and destroyed any entities, mobs or remnants on the desktop. Minecraft did not make an on-screen appearance until the AVM Shorts debuted.

AVM Shorts

In AVM Shorts - The Rediscovery with the new version of Windows 10, Second Coming recalled the events of Animation vs. Minecraft and found that the game was noticeably missing from the taskbar. After some searching, it was found in the Start Menu; the other four stick figures eventually find out that Second Coming was concealing the application for a bit, everyone wanted a piece of the game for their own recreational use. In order to not let history repeat itself, all stick figures were to only take what they needed while they were in Creative Mode, and return to Survival once they finished.

As Red was about to receive Creative Mode from Yellow, Yellow begins to have second thoughts and remembers how much trouble it took to regain control of the game when Herobrine Red held the block. As a precaution that the five took to make sure Herobrine was permanently dead, they tested to see if Red would do any suspicious activity. In the end, Red was normal like the rest and continued with his adventures with everyone else in the game.

Abilities and Usefulness

Minecraft is not only a place for the characters in AVA to play or build as well as combat one another (also known as Person Vs Player); it is also used as source of travelling between dimensions[1], Minecraft servers[2] and other computers[3]. In AVM Shorts - Command Blocks, it has also been shown that the Minecraft application has the ability to change how Windows works with the powerful command block, causing a glitch to take over the operating system[4] to the point where the only way to fix it was rebooting the computer. If anything picks up the icon, they will be in creative mode.

Known Locations

Throughout noogai3's personal world and other dimensions, there are several places where the stick figures/NPCs can travel outside of the computer to reach other devices and servers:

  • The Overworld: noogai3's computer and the builds the main five primarily use.
  • The Nether: The underworld hell-like dimension that is the home to several dangerous creatures and structures of Minecraft such as Zombie Pigmen and Nether Fortresses. It also contains a hub with more nether portals that can take entities to several different servers/devices.[1][3][2]
    • Skyblock Server: A portal spawns on a floating island up high where players must use the minimal resources given to survive. The portal found here is disabled due to a Ghast fireball attempting to kill Second Coming, severing the connection in the Nether. It is the main setting for AVM Shorts - Skyblock, the home of the Dolphin Kingdom and the Guardian Ocean Monument; in a far enough distance in the west has mainland, containing a second portal back to the nether hub and the location of a cave spider colony.
    • Purple's Home Computer: The computer of Purple's origin, a Macbook. The world contained on this laptop holds a village and the only place where sentient animated stick figures exist outside of noogai3's computer.
      • The End: A dimension that is the home to the Ender Dragon, Enderman and Shulkers. Contains end cities and ships that can travel between distant islands.
    • TNT Land: Home of The Killer Bunny and an Illager Woodland Mansion (possibly taken over by The Killer Bunny). The portal to this world is no longer accessible since it was destroyed by a mass TNT explosion.


  • Minecraft is the third application that can be used to travel between devices; the other two being Dropbox and iTunes.[5]
  • It is the first game that is featured to be used as an antagonist for the stick figures.
  • Following Animation vs. Minecraft when the shortcut was thrown into the Recycle Bin, it is has been missing on the taskbar ever since, even on later movies such as Animation vs. YouTube and League of Legends.
  • Minecraft is one of the programs in Animator vs. Animation that was given an in-depth origin and it's features.
  • The one depicted in AVA seems to be a modified version that makes the mobs and items more self aware of it's surroundings, similar to other applications.
    • Herobrine exists as a haunting entity.[6]
    • You can access items that are only accessible through commands in the toolbar
    • Command blocks can control the operating system.
    • Note blocks have more mechanics.
    • Fishing rods can be used as grappling hooks.
    • The Dragon Egg can hatch.
    • Cave Spiders work in colonies and are very smart. Their king is the most powerful.
    • Minecarts slightly behave differently (Not In The Roller Coaster)
    • The Potion of Musicality is completely fictitious, however its drinker would apparently gain the ability to play/conduct musical instruments professionally, as used in a music battle.[7]
    • Guitar note blocks struck with lightning will become electric.[7]
    • The Wither is more aggressive.


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