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MegaStick was a giant stick figure made by Red using the Minecraft block in Animation vs. Minecraft. He originally created it out of cobblestone, but turned it into obsidian when the other stick figures started mining him. It was destroyed when Blue used bone meal on jungle saplings that were grown under its head.


When The Second Coming, Green, Blue and Yellow arrived to the cave where Red was hidden, he built MegaStick out of cobblestone. The four stick figures then started mining its legs, which resulted in Red replacing the cobblestone with obsidian.

When the others managed to escape, he followed them slowly. After arriving back on the desktop, the others tied it up with fishing rods. The Second Coming then placed a minecart where MegaStick stood, resulting in it falling. It was ultimately destroyed when blue planted two jungle saplings right under MegaStick's falling head.

MegaStick destroyed

MegaStick being destroyed

Powers and Abilities

Hydrokinesis: MegaStick could summon water blocks at the end of his arm, which was used to extinguish TNT.

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