MegaStick was a giant stick figure made by Red using the Creative block in Animation vs. Minecraft. He originally created it out of cobblestone, but turned it into obsidian when the other stick figures started mining him.


MegaStick is very strong, and can break diamond armor in seconds. It can change its arm or what it is holding based on whatever Red is. For example, if Red holds a water bucket, the end of MegaStick's hand turns to water. This was used to extinguish TNT, but in Minecraft this is impossible.


When The Second Coming, Green, Blue and Yellow arrived to the cave where Red was hidden, they tried to attack him but were quickly beaten down. They ran back to the Storage folder, where they created an elaborate series of traps that included fishing rods, saplings, and minecarts.

MegaStick destroyed

MegaStick being destroyed

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