Internet Explorer is a small blue letter 'e' with a ring that he is appears on Animator VS Animation 2 and 3.


As Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer has a small light blue e that has a cut for the light blue ring. As Internet Explorer 7/8, Internet Explorer has the same but the e was dark blue, a dark outline, and the cut is yellow instead of white, and has a yellow ring instead of light or dark blue. As Internet Explorer 9/10, the e is light blue again but thinner and the ring is still yellow but lighten and looks like a planetary ring. IE in the Start Screen was in the square light blue tile and he was color white (and the ring)

Internet Explorer 6

In Animator vs. Animation 2, it made a minor appearance, but didn't do anything.


E out of the ring hit by the Media Player (Windows Media Player)

Internet Explorer 7

In Animator vs. Animation 3, Internet Explorer 7 was one of the supporting characters, but wasn't really useful in anyway.

Powers And Abilities

  • Internet Explorer has shown the ability to bite and potentially end Stick Figures.
  • It can headbutt (It headbutted TCO onto Skype)
  • It can slice the icons. (Only in Icon's Story!)


  • In Animator VS Animation 2 it is taken on 2 segment with on the program Adobe Flash Player's marcomedia flash 8
  • In Animator VS Animation 3 The Chosen One (actual:Windows Media Player) kicked (actual:hitted) Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 6) on the desktop hill (Bliss) and in the desktop beach (Azul) and he is on 4 segment because The Dark Lord uses claps for Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 7)
  • Internet Explorer 6 was Included to Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer 7 & 8 was installed when Windows XP SP2  and SP3 was Installed.
  • Internet Explorer 7 is included to Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 8 is included to Windows 7 but Internet Explorer 9 was a installment to Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 10 is included to Windows 8.
  • Internet Explorer contributed very little to the fight.
  • It wasn't part of desktop programs anymore on SP3.
  • It doesn't appear much unlike AvA3.
  • It did not appear in the first video.

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