Internet Explorer is an internet web browser created by Microsoft and was included with Windows software since 1995 that appears often throughout the Animator vs. Animation franchise. In Animator vs. Animation II and Animator vs. Animation III, it's a supporting character.


Throughout the movies and series, Internet Explorer has changed and upgraded it's appearance corresponding to it's latest release available on the given version of Windows it operates on. It's iconic appearance is usually an 'e' with a ring/halo that accompanies it. On Internet Explorer 7, it orbits and glows the 'e' at an angle near the top of the icon, which follows as it moves.

Animator vs. Animation II

In the current time the second movie took place, Internet Explorer 6 made a desktop appearance and did not come to life when provoked. It also appeared not to be attached to it's circular ring when it got separated forcefully by the Windows Media Player thrown by The Chosen One.


E out of the ring hit by Windows Media Player

Animator vs. Animation III

In Animator vs. Animation III, Internet Explorer was updated which came with a change in appearance and had sentience when it is bothered or summoned by it's surroundings, as such The Dark Lord did to fight against The Chosen One. As a supporting character, it fought alongside with other applications by appearing to bite it's victims, but was ultimately defeated when kicked off the edge of Solitaire.

Powers And Abilities

  • Bite: Internet Explorer will use it's 'e' to inflict a bite like-attack.
  • Hop: I.E. can jump a quite large distance to reach in order to fight it's target.
  • Dribble: The application has experience and can play basketball; it played briefly for the Yahoo! Messenger emoji against The Chosen One, and lost.


  • Despite it's major significance and constant appearance in most versions of Windows, it has once not made an appearance after Animator vs. Animation III.
    • This is most likely due to the fact that noogai3 switched to Google Chrome as his primary browser instead as the years progressed.
  • Internet Explorer is considered some of the weakest entities that is found in Windows in the franchise.
  • In Windows 10, Microsoft Edge replaces the Internet Explorer, but still no sign of Edge can be found in the installments of AVA that feature this version of Windows.


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