iTunes is one of the apps on noogai3's desktop, and one of the basic apps in Apple Inc.


iTunes is a music note riding a disc. iTunes 4 icon's music note is green, while iTunes 7 is blue.


Apple Inc. Apps

He is one of Apple Inc. Apps with QuickTime Player, iMovies, iMusic, Safari, etc.

Powers and Abilities

  • Can fly when it has its disc.
  • Disc can be used as a sawblade.
  • Music note is able to wrap around an enemy.


  • iTunes is based in Apple Inc.
  • iTunes is included in Mac OS but it can be installed in Microsoft Windows.
  • In Animator vs. Animation 2, the version was iTunes 4 but had a minor appearance
    Itunes 7 Green C
    Itunes 7 Blue Complete
  • In Animator vs. Animation 3, the version was iTunes 7 and one of the characters.
  • He has a Shortcut at the Desktop Bliss as iTunes 4 but at the Desktop Azul, he has no shortcut as iTunes 7
  • The disc was technically the second thing to die, as it was shattered when The Chosen One used WMM as a whip. However the music note is the fourth thing to die, since TCO summer-saulted and kicked it off.
  • He was created on November 6, 1984 but first appeared on January 2001 when iTunes was released for Macintosh computers.


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