StickFigureGreen.exe or most commonly known as Green is one of the Fighting Stick Figures. It's close friends with The Second Coming and siblings to Blue, Yellow, and Red. Its main skills within Minecraft are building, architecture and music.

It is one of the main characters in the reboot of Animator vs. Animation, as well as playing a primary protagonist role in Animation vs. YouTube.


Animator vs. Animation IV

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Green appears for the first time on the website Stick Figures Fight. With the breach Second Coming created, they and the rest of the gang escapes onto the Facebook webpage and explores the computer for a few moments before being terminated by noogai3 in Task Manager.

Later it is shown that their termination did not end their existence, but simply reset them to its webpage on the internet.

AVA Shorts

In AVA Shorts, Green is a deuteragonist seen mostly in the background accompanying Fighting Stick Figures.

Animation vs. Minecraft

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Green reprises their role in helping defend noogai3's computer. After the invasion of Herobrine on Minecraft, Green along with Second Coming, Yellow and Blue helped delete the application to free Red from his possession.

AVM Shorts

Throughout the events of AVM Shorts, Green is seen in every episode and attends adventures Fighting Stick Figures majority throughout Season 1, exploring the Nether, other computers and realms within the game. It currently reside on the desktop.

Green also makes important appearances in multiple shorts. The Building Contest, where he won the build battle, revealing his architectural skills. Note Blocks, where he had amazing music skills. The Nether, where he was stranded in the Nether with Blue, (Along with all the other episodes he was stranded) Redstone Academy, where he was The Second Coming's competition, Note Block Battle, where he had to compete against all the Fighting Stick Figures plus the musical chicken, and once again in Build Battle, where the other sticks tried to compete with Green on his building skills.

Animation vs. YouTube

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Green is the only Fighting Stick Figure to accompany Second Coming throughout the fight of YouTube, and assisted in the destruction of the artificial intelligence interface.

Animation vs. Super Mario Bros.

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Green is seen in the brief fight against the several incarnations of Mario on the desktop.



  • Green seems to be the most talented builder out of all the fighting sticks. Not only were it the winner of the competition in AVM Shorts - Episode 2, but he was also able to build a windmill in less than 40 seconds in Animation vs. Minecraft despite only learning it seconds ago.
    • Green can also compose music.
  • Green, along with Red, can somehow hit three note blocks at the same time while using only two hands.
    • This is likely because they kicked, slid or kneed the note block; and it wasn't considered tapping with their hand.
  • Green is the first character to respawn. The occurred shortly after Second Coming accidentally killed them, and was presumed to have happened after it was killed again by Blue and TSC.
    • Green is also the first character to die twice in the same video.
  • The video of Green in Animation vs. YouTube actually exists, and can be found here.
  • Green and The Second Coming share a close bond. They are usually competing against each other, fighting together, or simply hanging out.
  • Alan described Green as "the guy who's skilled at everything". [1]


  1. "Green is just too skilled with those Note Blocks..." in description of Note Block Battle - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 16

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