Green is one of the Fighting Stick Figures. His best friends are The Second Coming, Blue, Yellow, and Red. His main skills in Minecraft are building and music. He is seen as very smart and an artistic stick figure. He is one of the main characters of the franchise as a whole, as well as playing a starring role in Animation vs. YouTube.


Animator vs. Animation IV

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Green appears for the first time in the website Stick Figures Fight. He escapes with his friends: the Fighting Stick Figures and The Second Coming and messes with Facebook. When Alan Becker noticed what was happening, he deleted the Fighting Sticks one by one, starting with Red, then Blue, Yellow, and finally Green himself.

At the ending of the movie, The Second Coming didn't want to join Alan and said it was because he ended his friends. Alan then reloaded the webpage, where they were seen playing cards together.

Five months later, The Second Coming finishes animating for Alan and then heads to Green comes out and challenges him, along with Blue, Yellow, and Red, and team up on The Second Coming. Green, along with his other Fighting Stick friends are easily defeated, where they applaud The Second Coming.

Animation vs. Minecraft

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Green is the first Fighting Stick Figure to use the Minecraft Block, building a moving windmill. He later witnessed Blue planting and Yellow using a beacon. Red arrives and steals the Minecraft application. Red throws a TNT block up, blasting him and The Second Coming away. He helps The Second Coming gather diamonds to make equipment they will use. He puts on his armor and gathers his other tools and then heads off with his friends to search for Red together.

They head into the STORAGE folder and watch hordes of zombies emerging from various files. After killing many zombies, they encounter the spawner in the STUFF folder and Green destroys it. They are then ambushed by an army of skeletons and fend off their arrows. Blue build a dirt structure to help keep them safe. They use a dispenser to retaliate, but fail to notice the creeper that managed to make its way behind them. They try to run away from the creeper as it blasts them and the arrows away, killing all the skeletons. As they recover from the explosion, another creeper sneaks up from behind Green and he attacks it, causing it to explode further away, where it reveals a secret passage.

They mine through and encounter Red. They attack the various monsters that are being spawned by the mob spawners and destroy the spawners themselves. They eat their apples to recover health and then encounter Red. They take turn approaching him, but Green is the only one able to actually attack him. Red builds a giant stick figure out of cobblestone to attack them, but they manage to start mining it down. This causes Red to reinforce it with obsidian. Green is thrown away with Blue and Yellow and stomped on. Green is saved by The Second Coming as he managed to mine a block of the giant stick figure. They then watch on in horror as The Second Coming is beaten to half a heart. However, Green takes his hand as they flee for safety.

They can hear Red approaching fast, so they try to prepare themselves with what powerful tools they have left. Unfortunately, they are broken and they resort to other object. Green stand with The Second Coming while holding a fishing rod.

Red arrives and searches for the four hiding stick figures. Green throws his fishing line to hold Red in place. Yellow throws his line as well and keep hold of him. The Second Coming and Blue also play their part in destorying Red's giant stick figure. They manage to get it out of his hands and they throw it to each other to keep it away from Red. Green manages to to perform a takedown on Red which buys The Second Coming time to run to the Recycle Bin.

The Second Coming successfully throws Minecraft into the Recycle Bin which causes a giant wave of energy to clear the desktop and return it to its original state and knock them all back. They watch Herobrine escape from Red's body and die, returning Red back to normal. They all approach him and he thinks he will face punishment for what he did. Instead, they all embrace him with a group hug. Green lightly punches his shoulder, and they head off back to the desktop, which has returned to normal. Yellow accidentally steps on the League of Legends logo, causing a menu to appear above him. Green and the others look back in shock as Yellow picks up the League of Legends logo.

Animation vs. YouTube

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The episode starts with Green and The Second Coming flicking through various YouTube videos, before coming to a stick figure fighting video, which they are interested in. Unfortunately for them, the video keeps buffering, so The Second Coming kicks the video to make it load. YouTube then becomes sentient, then turns the like and dislike button into hands. He then starts attacking the duo.


AVM Shorts

  • In S01E01 "Rediscovery" Green and the other sticks were walking while The Second Coming was trying to hide Minecraft. The Second Coming then shows Minecraft for them and they get their favorite items but Yellow remembers what happened last time... This leads to Green participating in a group effort to prevent Red from going berserk again and to quickly stop him if he does. It turns out to be unneeded since Red was pure this time around (i.e. he wasn't possessed).
  • In S01E02 "The Building Contest", despite a rocky start, Green wins the contest to build the best excavator in 5 minutes. Its build is soon destroyed by Blue and Yellow, who used TNT.
  • In S01E03 "The Roller Coaster" Green rides Yellow's roller coaster alongside the others (save for Yellow himself). It seems to enjoy it, until it, along with the other riders, fall into a pit instead of making the jump. This was due to #MinecartPhysics.
  • In S01E04 "Potions", the fighting sticks and The Second Coming fight a pig spawned by Red that drank some potions that Blue has made and then went berserk.
  • In S01E05 "Note Blocks" Green quickly took charge of organizing a note block band. It showed Yellow what beats to do for the drums, help Blue play his melody, and showed Red how to play his chords. The fighting sticks ended up building a great music room, but The Second Coming was trying to sleep. Eventually, Orange pushes the volume to mute and goes back to sleep. Green tells Blue to turn the volume up to 100%, then leads the stick figures in a brief ear torture session for Orange.
  • In S01E06 "Command Blocks" Green was walking with Blue when they saw Red making magic tricks and Yellow helped using the Command Blocks he found. The tricks quickly escalated out of control, resulting in a newly created chicken latching on to Green's head and rapidly multiplying, to Green's panic.
  • In S01E07 "PvP" Green, Blue and Red are building a castle while The Second Coming and Yellow were building a house. Orange begins to dismantle Green's castle to make room for his, to Green's anger. Eventually, Green draws its sword to threaten Orange. This shocks the other stick figures. Blue tries to calm Green, but Orange breaks another block.
    • Green snaps, and whacks Orange, provoking a stick figure civil war. The Second Coming and Yellow fight against Green, Blue & Red, with both sides trying to wreck the others build. Green was about to destroy Orange and Yellows with TNT but The Second Coming accidentally killed it.
    • All the stick figures were horrified, and constructed a funeral for Green. Unknown to them, Green respawns in the Stick fights site. It leaves and returns to the desktop, where it sees its funeral playing out. It sneaks inside the casket and jumps out to scare the others. However, Orange and Blue accidentally kill it again, thinking he was a zombie.
  • In S01E08 "The Nether" Green and Blue find a portal which leads to a place called the Nether. They go on a brief mining spree, and accidentally aggravate a heard of Zombie Pigman. The stick figures escape the hoard of Nether mobs by jumping onto a nearby Ghast. Green is thrown off the Ghast and almost dies, but is saved by Blue. The two then kill the Nether mobs with the Ghasts fireballs, before killing the Ghast as well. Exhausted, Green and Blue make their way back to their portal. However, Blue spots another stick figure, Purple, and the two decide to follow it into another portal.
  • In S01E09 "Villagers" Green and Blue arrive on another desktop, inhabited by Villagers. They are quickly taken away to see the ruler of the Village, Purple. Blue and Green are excited to meet another stick figure, and they help Purple distribute Quartz to the Villagers. This does not please Purple, and it orders Green and Blue to be thrown in jail.
    • Blue soon breaks them out, but they are soon thrown back in by an Iron Golem. Green and Blue end up bribing the guard into letting them go. They also initiate a trading spree with the Villagers, which gains Purple attention. Just before Purple inverviens, the Villagers run off to Purple's castle and build a Statue of their ruler. Purple, shocked, makes Green and Blue kings as well, and takes them to the End.
  • In S01E10 "The End" The Second Coming, Red, and Yellow find the cake and enter the Nether Portal. Meanwhile, Green, Blue, and Purple fight the Ender Dragon, who gets healed by the End Crystals. Then Green and Blue try attacking the Ender Dragon by grabbing onto it with a fishing rod and riding it. Green drives the dragon away from the crystals, while Blue and Purple hang on to the dragon with a fishing rod. Green is later abandoned on top of the dragon when Blue and Purple crash into an Ender Ship.
    • Green continues to ride the dragon, until it is thrown of and onto the Ender Ship. Purple flies away in pursuit of the Ender Egg, leaving Green and Blue on the ship. Angered, the Ender Dragon destroys it, leaving the stick figures to fall into the void. A Shulker temporarily gives Green levitation. Green saves Blue from falling, and calls out to Purple for help, who refuses. Green's levitation runs out, and the stick figures begin their fall into the void. Thankfully, The Second Coming, Yellow, Red, and the villagers manage to save them. Green, along with Blue, is incredibly happy to see it's friends again and gives them a hug. All five sticks soon leave the End and witness Purple being taken away by the Villagers. The group then says farewell to the Village, return to the Nether, and begin their climb home. Suddenly, Yellow sees more portals in the distance...
  • In S01E11 "Skyblock"
  • In S01E12 "TNT Land"
  • In S01E13 "The Dolphin Kingdom"
  • In S01E14 "Cave Spider Roller Coaster"
  • In S01E15 "Redstone Academy" Green makes minecraft inside of minecraft.


  • Green seems to be the most talented builder out of all the fighting sticks. Not only was he the winner of the competition in AVM Shorts Episode 2, but he was also able to build a windmill in less than 40 seconds in Animation vs Minecraft despite only learning it seconds ago.
  • Green is also very good at music.
  • Green, along with Red, can somehow hit three note blocks at the same time while using only two hands.
    • He likely kicked or kneed the note block that he wasn't tapping with his hand.
  • Green is the first character to respawn. The occurred shortly after The Second Coming accidentally killed it, and was presumed to have happened after it was killed again by Blue and Orange.
    • Green is also the first character to die twice in the same video.
  • The video of Green in animation vs youtube actually exists, and can be found here;
  • Green can flip a lever for multiple seconds as in shown on Episode 5 of AVM Shorts "Note Blocks"
  • Green is the last stick figure to be deleted out of all the Fighting Stick Figures in AVA 4, and managed to hug Orange before vanishing.
  • Alan described Green as "the guy who's good at everything."
  • Alan said that in terms of relationships, Green and Orange are the closest of the stick figures.


Green Stick Figure


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Green disappearing and The Second Coming


Green in Animation vs Animator Card Game

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Blue vs Green



Stick figure green in the youtube video

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Red vs Blue vs Yellow vs Green vs The Second Coming

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