Adobe Flash (now Adobe Animate) is the animating software created by FutureWave Software (known as FutureSplash Animator) then it got acquired by Macromedia, then Adobe. It is Alan Becker's tool of choice since 2006, starting with the animation called Pink Army. By 2017, Adobe has removed the Flash name and rebranded it as Animate, to 1. make it easier to identify as an animating software, and 2. to not make it confused with another Adobe product, Adobe Flash Player.





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Animator Program

Kind of Flash

Macromedia Flash 8 to Adobe Animate CC



Introduced in

"Animator vs. Animation" (Macromedia)

Last Appearance

"The Rediscovery - AVM Shorts Episode 1" (Adobe Animate CC)

Adobe Flash is an animating software created by FutureWave Software, then acquired by Macromedia, then acquired by Adobe Systems. It is Alan Becker's animating tool of choice since 2006, starting with an animation called Pink army. (You can view it here.)

A lot of Alan's animations are made with Adobe Flash, most notably the Animator vs. Animation series. In this series, the stick figures created at the start of each video are Victim and The Chosen One.

Both Programmer021 and Noogai3 have used Macromedia Flash 8, in the first two videos. In the third one, Noogai3 still uses Flash, but it had been upgraded to Adobe Flash Professional CS4. In the fourth, it had been upgraded to Adobe Flash CS6, but the version used to create Animation vs. YouTube and all of the AVM shorts is Adobe Animate CC.


  • FutureWave Software
  • Macromedia
  • Adobe

Animator vs. Animation (Flash 8)

In Animator vs. Animation, Alan Becker uses it to create Victim, which came alive and fought back. victim then used all the tools in Flash in order to beat Alan Becker, including the eyedropper (blew up Alan's ray gun) and eraser (prevented damage from the timeline frame gun). victim then used the library to make clones of himself. In the end, Alan Becker closed Flash without saving it, thus ending the fight.

Animator vs. Animation II (Flash 8)

In Animator vs. Animation II, Alan Becker used Flash to create The Chosen One. This animation was extremely strong and escaped from flash after a short fight.  He also burned up the flash icon on the desktop, which reappears  

Animator vs. Animation III (Flash CS4)

In Animator vs. Animation III, Alan Becker uses Flash to create The Dark Lord, although it is used for nothing else, since The Chosen One is already saved as a pop-up blocker in the time between AvA II and AvA III.

Animator vs. Animation IV (Flash CS6)

In Animator vs. Animation IV, Alan Becker draws The Second Coming. At nearly the end of the video, The Second Coming makes a laser gun and successively shoots at the mouse pointer, destroying it. After Alan Becker has made the pointer go back again, The Second Coming had already drawn some animals and people to destroy Flash CS6. TL;DR, Alan made that stick figure quiet down, and had made a deal with him: That The Second Coming would help him animate, and in the meanwhile let him free as long as he doesn't destroy the computer.


Adobe Flash Professional CS6 icon

Adobe Flash CS6

Adobe Animate CC 2015 icon

Adobe Animate CC

Macromedia Flash 8-0

Macromedia Flash 8

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