The Fighting Stick Figures are a group of stick figures that appear in Animator vs. Animation IV. Members of this team are Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue; each of which reside on a website created by noogai3 called Stick Figures Fighting, where the four practice combat routines and use as their virtual home.


Animator vs. Animation IV

In Animator vs. Animation IV, they soon met The Second Coming and went out to play with Noogai3's computer. They were deleted but were revived after their page was refreshed.

Animation vs. Minecraft

The stick figures appear later in Animation vs. Minecraft when they and the Second Coming use the Minecraft logo for building projects. Red makes off with it, forcing his friends to fight off monsters and eventually Red themself, who is revealed to be possessed by Herobrine.

AVM Shorts

In the series AVM Shorts, the group achieved and learned many things throughout their playthrough of Minecraft. They encountered new allies and enemies independently on their own until being rescued by Second Coming. All four currently reside on the desktop of ALANSPC.


  • Red is the only character out of the four to be a protagonist and an antagonist.
    • This is due to the fact an entity possessed Red for a brief amount of time before being destroyed by the deletion of the application that hosted them.
  • They're the second people in the series to be friends with another stick figure on the computer. The first being The Second Coming and The Chosen One.
  • The website actually exists; it represents a scene of Animator vs. Animation IV, where the four were practicing combat against each other and Second Coming watches them then break the grid.
  • Members of the group can appear on the website if they die.
    • However, this has been shown only possible when the victim has died within their home computer (ALANSPC). It is unknown what would occur if death outside of their respective origin.
  • Purple is the only stick figure who shares a very similar anatomy of the four Fighting Stick Figures, but is not officially part of the team since noogai3 is not their creator.


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