Command Blocks
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date April 18, 2018
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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Command Blocks is the 6th installment for the AVM Shorts series. It is released on YouTube on April 18, 2018
Command Blocks - AVM Shorts Episode 6

Command Blocks - AVM Shorts Episode 6

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The episode starts with Yellow sneaking up to the creative block, hoping to get more items. He gives himself some rails, redstone torches, and other redstone stuff. He then starts searching through the entire item count, until he reaches the end. He then tries to move his select item through the wall that contains all the items, and continues to try until he breaks through. There we see many different unusual items, such as the barrier, the command block, the structure block, mob spawners, and other blocks that you can't get easily. He then takes the command block, eyes the block curiously, then puts the creative block back in place.

Yellow places the command block down but fails to figure out how it works. After hitting it on the side multiple times, the command block opens up and a long sheet, which is the instruction list unfolds. Yellow carefully reads the instructions and slowly understands it. He tries to give himself a stack of command blocks and placing various blocks on various spaces using the command blocks and he finally succeeds. Yellow also tries out some armor stand positioning. Then, he thinks up of an idea. He uses the command blocks to troll Red, first, using them to move a cake around, then makes Red play the William Tell game with an armor stand. Red shoots an arrow at an apple placed on top of the armor stand, and gets a machine that dispenses a lot of cakes. He catches Yellow typing a command to replace all the cakes with rotten flesh in a command block, and asks what he is doing. Yellow says he's using these for Red's previous activities. Both stick men slyly rub their hands together, thinking of a new plan.

Blue and Green are casually walking across the screen. Blue is eating some Nether Warts and he offers to share some with his friend, but Green says he's fine. The two stick people stop when they see Red in a black hat with a magician's wand. He 'invites' Blue and Green into a room(which consists of nothing but two blocks of red wool) to watch him perform some magic tricks (with the help of Yellow and command blocks). Red shows that there's nothing in the hat but he sticks his hand in the hat and pulls out a rabbit. Green and Blue are amazed by this act and Red has more to show. The hat seems to be empty again as Red shakes it upside down to evidently show this. He then taps the hat with his 'wand', then his hat starts spawning a bunch of rabbits, succeeding in amazing the onlookers. Yellow then types in a code so that the rabbits become zombies. Red waves his wand at the rabbits as they morph into zombies. Green and Blue prepare to fight the mob but Red fly and strikes the zombies with lightning, burning them. Green and Blue, once again, congratulates Red.

Yellow types quickly on multiple Command Blocks simultaneously until a bolt lightning struck one Command Block, setting it on fire and causing it to change colors and shape. Yellow checks on it and when does, the codes are messed up as they are typed up on their own, continuously scrolling. Yellow tries to get rid of the broken Command Block by trying to break it off with his pickaxe, but this error just spreads out more to adjacent blocks. Frantic, Yellow tries to delete them but all of them eventually got affected.

Red is bewildered by why his stick isn't doing anything. It then becomes a pig as well as many other entities very quickly. Blue begins to float as if he was underwater and everything begins to morph into different things, worring the Stick Figures. Yellow is desparately hitting a Command Block with two Diamond Pickaxes but to no avail. Red, wanting this mess to end, tries to lodge a TNT block between the command blocks and lighting it. Unfortunately, the TNT exploded into sheep, much to Red's frustration.

In the midst of the situation, Orange steps up onto the screen to investigate what was going on. He was generally confused of the rain, and the bizarre things happening to his friends. He looks up at the unsent requests still be scrolled about. A fishing line drops down, causing Orange to jump back a little. It was Blue, who tries to get down by lodging a fishing pole to the taskbar to get back on ground. But it changes to a bat, then a squid, then a blaze. Blue "swims" away from it, and blocks off three fireballs with his sword. Orange, still confused, continues to walk past changing animals, the giant zombie, the creeper, and the armor stand, until he finally reaches Red and Yellow hitting the Command Blocks with pickaxes, with a tree behind Red. Yellow was the first to greet Orange, and he never got the change to explain the situation until another bolt of lighting struck another block. Suddenly, the Command Blocks were out of control and it spreads out to the WHOLE screen. Red, Yellow, and Orange began to float up, along with the taskbar which separated into square halves with their icons. A strange noise drew their attention, and the three stick men look down to see their bodies pixelating. Yellow, Orange and Red saw in concern and horror, that they were beginning to glitch.

Thinking fast, Orange floats over to where the Windows logo is at, then he pressed the floating logo, and hit Restart, restarting everything back to normal. The five stick figures were standing in the center, where Yellow tells his friends that he's learned a valuable lesson, which satisfies Orange. Yellow then proceeds to drop the Command Block into a block of fire, now that it didn't seem as important.




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