"Any last words, punk?"
―Clippit to The Chosen One

General Info

Clippit (nicknamed Clippy) is a Microsoft Word app that appeared and one of two deuteragonist in Animator vs. Animation 3. He is a grey paperclip and seems pretty friendly, but he is also somewhat powerful. Clippy was the first to be defeated by The Chosen One in Animator vs Animation III, but he proved to be a worthy opponent for him.

Powers and abilities

  • Shapeshifting: Clippy can morph his body into any shape or line, even faster than a real-life clip. (square, tornado, checkmark, etc)
  • Creation: Clippy can draw any item he wants and then use it (from available characters).
  • Strength: Clippy's strength is not exactly as strong as The Chosen One's, but it can stop a strong punch from him.
  • Heat-proof: For some strange reason, Clippy is fire-proof. Either that or The Chosen One's fire isn't a high enough temperature to melt steel wire. Or Clippy is made out of extremely strong steel wire. This is reinforced with the above power/ability, or because you can see Clippy's steel wire is much wider than to be just a wire.
    Clippit Help Killing Stickfigure

    Hey Um...

    Spatte Gli Occhi
    Posizione A Virgola
    Posizione Agrovigliata
    Posizione Cubo
    Attacco Forte
    Attacco Forte 2

Defence . Clippy has absolute defence and can survive fire and stop the chosen ones speed punch which made the chosen one stressed while fighting him

Posizione Tornado

Other quotes

"I swear...Nothing comes out of this guy's mouth." - Clippy, Animator vs. Animation III


  • Clippy first appeared in Animator vs Animation 3.
  • Aside from Avast! AntiVirus, Clippy is the only app who can talk in the non-TTL versions.
    • However, Clippy talks through speech balloons, not recorded speech.
  • In the TTL version, Clippy is voiced by Microsoft Mary and has a few extra lines.
    • This is odd, considering that Clippy is confirmed to be male, although it may simply have been to give Mary a bigger part.
  • In the PTEVE FANMADE version, Clippy makes a whoosh sound instead of making sounds.
  • Many users consider Clippy to be an annoying figure in MS word.
  • Clippy is listed in one of five professional fighters in the entire series (along with The Chosen One, The Dark Lord, AOL Instant Messenger, The Second Coming)
  • Paper clips are made out of steel wire.
  • Clippy is no longer a Microsoft Office Assistant since 2007
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