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AVM Shorts: Cave Spider Roller Coaster is an episode part of the Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts, being the fourteenth installment overall, and the fourth within Season 2.


With the group reunited after the events of The Dolphin Kingdom, Second Coming and the Fighting Stick Figures must find their way out of a complex hollow network of a mineshaft, in order to reach a portal back home. As Blue and Green hear echoing noises throughout the gallery, they notice Orange's and Red vanishment. Surprised, they look over, as a few cave spiders grab Yellow and take them.

Following the creature, Blue and Green stumble upon a mob of spiders, feeding their Spider King. Green baits the mobs, whilst Blue wakes up the fainted victims, and they run away.

To escape the army of monsters, they must rely on dividing a single mining cart. However, the arthropods chase after them, riding more carts. With much struggle despairing spiders away, the stick figures fall down due to an obstructed portion of the railway. They escape such a fate by being conducted with spawned chickens, reaching a platform and a portal present in it. A unit, however, informs the King, who immediately runs in an attempt to stop the sticks and consume them.

The King reaches the fugitives, who barely escape the dimension. The King confronts and defeats all of the Fighting Stick Figures. Moments before killing The Second Coming, it is distracted by a Wither, which fights the King, whose fate is unknown. Upon arrival in the Nether, Second Coming pulls the four back to consciousness, and cross the place back to the portal which leads them to the desktop. The group destroys the portal and settle home peacefully.


  • The episode cost Alan Becker several months of animation, due to abundance of layers and characters in a single shot
  • Alan Becker, the creator of Animation vs. Minecraft in the description of the episode, claims the installment is just the Roller Coaster Episode, except with spiders. Some shots were reused and adapted for production convenience.


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