The Cave Spider King is one of the main antagonists of AVM Shorts series, appearing with the role respectively in his debut episode: Cave Spider Roller Coaster. He is the biggest and the leader of a cave spider colony living in an abandoned mineshaft in the Skyblock Dimension within Minecraft, to the west of the Dolphin Kingdom. They constantly order their subordinates to bring them large portions of food, including even invader in the mine as they did with The Second Coming, Red and Yellow, so that they will not be devoured by them instead.


The king is a dark blue cave spider with red glowing eyes and wears a crown that appears to be made of gold.

Cave Spider Roller Coaster - AVM Shorts Episode 14

In one more of the normal routines with the cave spider subordinates bringing the king portions of food, Green and Blue invade the banquet to rescue The Second Coming, Red and Yellow that three spiders were taking to them as their next meal. They order them to take Green, that was actually distracting them while Blue wakes up the others and heals them from the poisonous spider venom.

Realizing this they send the other spiders to chase the flee now complete, they escape in minecarts with the spiders still chasing them. Later when they fail, one of the remaining spiders warns them about this and decides to keep hunting them alone. They find them shortly before crossing the portal of the Nether, and after a fight they immobilize most of them into webs and leaves them huddled on the ground for devour them after, with The Second Coming being the last remaining. After to face him over most of the Stick Gang fallen, they jumps in slow motion towards them, with a random Wither going through the portal and attacks it, while the Stick Gang escapes, possibly killing them.

Powers and Abilities

  • Poison Venom: Like all cave spiders, the king can inflict the poison effect to those it contacts when it requires it in combat.
  • Royal Combat: They can move at great speeds and inflict reasonable amounts of damage in fights.
  • Enhanced Durability: The king has more hitpoints and health than the typical cave spider.
  • Web Shooter: They can shoot webs that can temporarily immobilize targets.
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