Blue is one of the Fighting Stick Figures, among one of four friends of Second Coming. They are one of the main characters of the Animator vs. Animation franchise. In Minecraft, their skills are farming and brewing, something learned in AVM Shorts Episode 4 onward.


Animator vs. Animation IV

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Blue was created by Alan Becker on the webpage known as Along with the rest of the crew, they start playing around on Alan Becker's page, where he catches them in the act. He quickly deletes him along with Red, Yellow and Green. At the end, Alan agrees to reload the page for The Second Coming to revive them. There, they are seen playing card together and wave over to him.

After five months, after The Second Coming has finished animating for Alan, he joins Blue and the other Fighting Sticks in a match. They all team up on The Second Coming, but are easily defeated. They then all applaud him for winning.

Animation vs. Minecraft

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Blue is the third character to appear in Animation vs. Minecraft. He takes the Minecraft block and starts planting crops. He then uses bone meal on jungle trees below him, which launch him high up. The block is then taken from him by Yellow. He joins the others in watching Yellow play with a beacon by changing the beam's color.

Red joins and he takes Minecraft off Yellow by punching him. Blue is trapped in cobblestone in the ensuing chaos. Luckily, he is freed with a wooden pickaxe. He then starts collecting diamonds when Green drops his iron pickaxe to give his diamonds to The Second Coming. Blue later joins the others back at the bottom of The Second Coming's house where he gathers diamond armor, as well as weapons and tools. They then head into the STORAGE folder.

After they arrive, zombies start spawning out of various files. They attack them as they head up into the STUFF folder. They find the zombie spawner, which they destroy. However, they are bombarded by a horde of skeletons on the other side of the folder. Blue pulls out his dirt blocks and build a shield against the arrows. Yellow places a dispenser and shows how to use it. They start collecting as many arrows as they can, then Blue steps forward and starts rapid-firing arrows at the skeletons.

Meanwhile, a creeper has managed to make its way behind them. Blue pressed up close against the dirt to get away, but it's no use as he still got hit. However, all of the skeletons are killed from the arrows that flew away, clearing the path. They recover and head on, where they encounter another creeper, which is quickly knocked away by Yellow. They see some suspicious netherrack, so they mine a tunnel together.

They end up in a large cavern with lots of creepers and skeletons. The others start attacking the monsters, and while Yellow nearly got blasted from behind by another creeper, Blue rapid-fired arrows from his dispenser, killing it. After recovering health from some apples, they then spot Red on the other side of the cave, who has noticeably become possessed.

Blue stands back as he watches his friends try to get the block out of his hands. Green succeeds in hitting him, but Red becomes angry and knocks Green out. Blue watches Red build MegaStick and they start trying to destroy the giant stick figure. Blue attempts by shooting arrows in a dispenser at it, but these simply rebound. Red grabs Blue, turns his arm into pistons and launches him to other other end of the cave.

He is grabbed, along with Green and Yellow, and stomped upon repeatedly until he is at half a heart, where Red got distracted by The Second Coming. They then watched in horror as The Second Coming was beaten to half a heart as well, where they quickly grabbed him and ran outside.

There, they hear Red following them as they try to find what weapons aren't broken. The Second Coming and Green then stand at the ready, facing the approaching Red. Blue joins them along with Yellow with a spruce sapling.

Red arrives, and they put their plan into motion. After Red was tied up by Green and Yellow's fishing rods and The Second Coming has made him fall by throwing a minecart at his feet, Blue finally destroyed MegaStick by placing dirt blocks under its head, placing two jungle saplings together and using bone meal until they grew into a full-size jungle tree which also caused Red to lose hold of Minecraft. There, they all tried to keep it out of Red's hands. It flew out of The Second Coming's hands, but Blue threw an arrow at it, knocking it in the opposite direction of Red. This helped The Second Coming throw it into the Recycle Bin and get rid of all of the Minecraft blocks.

Herobrine escaped Red's body and died, leaving him back to normal. They approached him, and embraced him in a group hug. They then headed back to the the desktop outside the folder and walked away. Yellow picked up the League of Legends icon as it showed a UI above his head. Blue and the others looked back and were shocked.

Animation vs. YouTube

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We can see Blue with Yellow and Red arrive with popcorn after The Second Coming and Green defeated YouTube. They then threw a bit of the broken webpage at the reload button, and then sat down with Yellow while Red chose a video. The Second Coming and Green ran away fear while the other three watched in curiosity. They find a stick figure fighting video, which they start watching. However, it buffers and Red ends up swinging his arm back and punching it with full force.



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  • He is the first member of The Fighting Stick Figures that The Second Coming meet.
  • Blue likes to do plantation very much, as seen from the fact that the first thing he does when he gets the Minecraft block is to plant trees and crops.
    • Blue is also a wizard because he's the one who found out he can make potions in minecraft, he's the one who made the potions in PvP and he's the only one who can turn money into trees (the latter was all a Second Coming dream)
  • Blue is also the first character to use the bone meal and jungle tree saplings as a weapon. He learned to do so when he accidentally did it to himself. (Animation vs Minecraft).
  • He has been seen on numerous occasions using a bow, more than any other character. This may mean that a bow and arrow is his choice of weapon.
  • The only time that Blue's plantation-loving trait did not show was in the building contest because if he did, his build of the excavator would look better than Green's build, which was not what Alan Becker wanted in the video. (AVM Shorts Episode 2).
  • Blue is the first character to learn to brew. (AVM Shorts Episode 4).
  • Blue is also the first character to find the uses of a music block (along with Red). (AVM Shorts Episode 5).
  • Blue's choice of instruments are Double Bass, Digeridoo, Metal Xylophone, and Bass Guitar.
  • (AVM Shorts Episode 5 & 16)
  • Blue likes to eat warts, which might be an after effect from AVM Shorts Episode 4. (AVM Shorts Episode 6).
  • Blue has also been seen mining quartz with Green, despite they didn't even know what they could do with it. (AVM Shorts Episode 8).
  • He is the only character to have a starring role in a special episode (Blue's New Superpower).
    • He is also one of two characters to have his name in the title of an episode, along with The Chosen One (The Chosen One's Return).
  • He, along with Green, have made the most amount of appearances overall, at 23.
  • Alan described Blue as cautious, free spirited, and hesitant to get into fights.


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Blue with The Second Coming about to show his tree planting power

Blue Stick Figure



Blue in Animation vs vAnimator Card Game

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Blue vs Green

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Blue and his construction

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