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This wiki is a collaborative source of information for Alan Becker's classic franchise and is home to the Animator vs. Animation franchise. You can find information and discussion on your favorite character/programs here; a collective by the fans for the fans! Login or register to edit or join in on the discussion!
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Color Sorter - An Actual Short

Color Sorter - An Actual Short
After Red gets annoyed that Green and Blue get numerous items from a color sorter, he takes matters into his own hands.

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BigPerritoFan BigPerritoFan 11 days ago

Other Oneshots/Fanfics

A small collection of Oneshots and fanfics I did that aren't part of a larger story or arc.

(Perrito's commentary) This was written for a contest held by my dear friend, BadGrammarCat. The goal was to…

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CalamityCrusher CalamityCrusher 25 days ago

Galleries of Character's Forms: The Dark Lord

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CalamityCrusher CalamityCrusher 25 days ago

Galleries of Character's Forms: The Chosen One

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