Full Length Episodes of Animator vs. Animation are videos released by Alan Becker that take continuity within the same general plot arcs in usually twenty minute long animations. They air on YouTube through Becker's main channel by a premiere, and usually gives an advanced notice when each episode will be distributed. Shorts are a series of episodes (averaging eight minutes in length) released consecutively every couple months that continue from their previous storyline, usually referring constantly to the movies beforehand.

Chronological Order

AVA Timeline Mar2020

Current timeline as of March 2020.

These videos are listed to make comprehension of events more easier to understand.

Title Synopsis Air Dates YouTube Link
Animator vs. Animation noogai3 draws Victim and plays around with them within Macromedia Flash. June 3, 2006 (Newgrounds)

May 14, 2007 (YouTube)

Click Here
Animator vs. Animation II noogai3 creates The Chosen One, causing chaos on the Windows Desktop. November 4, 2006 (

May 14, 2007 (YouTube)

Click Here
Animator vs. Animation III The Chosen One escapes his containment as a pop-up blocker. October 12, 2011 (YouTube) Click Here
Animator vs. Animation IV Kickstarter noogai3 draws a stick figure that destroys his computer for a second time, one that's almost as powerful as The Chosen One. July 10, 2013 (YouTube) Click Here
Animator vs. Animation IV Second Coming is drawn by noogai3. October 2, 2014 (YouTube) Click Here
Animation vs. Minecraft Fighting Stick Figures and Second Coming explore the realm of Minecraft. December 14, 2015 (YouTube) Click Here
Animation vs. YouTube Second Coming and Green get into a feud with YouTube's Artificial Intelligence. August 3, 2017 (YouTube) Click Here
AVM Shorts (Season 1) The stick gang casually play Minecraft. November 18, 2017-September 21, 2019 (YouTube) Click Here
AVA Shorts (Season 1) The Chosen One and The Dark Lord returns. August 19, 2018-present (YouTube) Click Here
Animation vs. League of Legends The stick gang encounter an old enemy. December 20, 2018 (YouTube) Click Here
Animation vs. Pokémon noogai3 plugs in his DS into the computer. July 6, 2019 (YouTube) Click Here
Blue's New Superpower Awareness of #TeamTrees awareness to fundraise planting trees. October 29, 2019 (YouTube) Click Here
Animation vs. Super Mario Bros Second Coming discovers a Nintendo Switch is plugged into noogai3's computer. November 9, 2019 (YouTube) Click Here
AVM Shorts (Season 2) The stick gang continue their adventures through Minecraft. February 14, 2020-present (YouTube) Click Here
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