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Animator vs. Animation IV
Season 0, Episode 4
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Air date October 2nd, 2014
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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Animator vs. Animation 3
Animation vs. Minecraft

Animator vs. Animation IV is a project created by Alan Becker. The short film started as a Kickstarter project launched in July. The project successfully reached it's funding goal on August 9 and was released on October 2. It is the last installment of the original Animator vs Animation series, which was replaced with spin-offs, starting with Animation vs. Minecraft.


In the introduction, we see Alan Becker at his new computer animating an orange stick figure with Facebook to the left of Flash. Darren Schwartz pops up in Facebook and we see Noogai3 told him about the last episode, Animator vs. Animation 3. Darren replies: "are you serious??" Then Alan says back: "Yup. so i had no choice but to get a new computer” and then continues with “all cuz of a stick figure i made". Darren replies: "do you think it'll happen again?" "well it's been 3 years and nothing's happened"Alan says. Alan hears his sister calling him and says "hang on”, then leaves the room. While he is gone, the orange stick figure started to go behind facebook. Then he peeked in Facebook and started to go in. But Alan was coming back so he scrambled back to flash and did his pose before Alan noticed. Alan told Darren he was getting the laundry and left again. The stick figure looked around and made sure he wasn't still there and then jumped into facebook. he bounces on the message bar that Alan and Darren used until he falls into the next tab. A blue stick figure (with a filled head) came through a door in front of the orange one and posed. The orange stick figure looked frightened until he sees the green one come from behind him. The green and blue one ran towards each other and attacked each other. The orange one sat down and watched. A yellow and red one came in and they all fought for a little bit. The orange one started practicing karate outside and then tried to find a way in. he jumps into the side and falls in. The Fighting Stick Figures came over to him and the green one shook his hand. They looked curious about what was outside. The orange one came over and hopped through. The Fighting Stick Figures clapped and came outside too. They all climb up and jump into Facebook and seem to throw a party. Green opens the emojis, and throws two of the not-so-happy emojis into the color setting in Adobe Flash which makes them happy. Alan comes back though and sees them. The orange and green one try to run away but Alan opens up Windows Task Manager and ends red. Now all of them are running away and orange tries to stop him. Alan ends blue in the meantime. Orange races to yellow but Alan ends him before he can. Orange races over and hugs green but Alan ends him anyway. Orange falls to the ground. He had let his friends down. Alan started to end him. As he tries to, he sees his name: "The Second Coming.exe" Description: "The Chosen One's Return". He almost ends him but a popup appears and says: "The Second Coming is not responding". He tries to close the program but another popup appears and sends a message from The Second Coming that says: "You ended my friends. Now I will end you." The Second Coming flickers between itself and a glitched image of The Chosen One. He likes a comment that says: "I give up on life. I'm not even gonna try any more." The person who sent the post threatened to unfriend Alan for that by saying: "Wow insensitive, I might just unfriend you for that". Alan comments back: "that wasnt me!!!" The Second Coming leaves to make some more hurtful comments and Alan goes after him such as: "Groupon is doing an extra 10 dollars off today and tomorrow." "go die" "LIVE! LIVE!!" or "Who wants me to stalk them in their sleep? Cuz I will." "I DO!! I DO!!" "NO I DON'T!! I DON'T!!". After a few more comments, the last one being a picture of a sunset, Alan finally catches The Second Coming and tosses him around. accidentally, they open iTunes and The Second Coming downloads himself onto Alan's iPhone. Alan finds his hiding spot in the phone, which is behind Snapchat, and The Second Coming starts to destroy his phone. He hops into Notes and writes: "catch me if you can... u monster". He hops out of notes and Alan, after he went out of notes, found his phone destroyed. Alan and The Second Coming have a chase through phone apps. Afterward, The Second Coming hops into the Dropbox and Alan goes after him. Alan looks around in the phone app for The Second Coming, but meanwhile, in the background, the computer sends a message: " "TheSecondComing.exe" was added to your Dropbox folder". Alan closes everything and checks the Dropbox and The Second Coming jumps out and punches him. The Second Coming opens Flash animator and he jumps toward Alan. Alan blocks it by making a block. The Second Coming hits the block, smashing it, and falls. Alan tosses him towards the toolbar and The Second Coming grabs the lasso tool and catches Alan's cursor. He slings it towards the other side of the screen before tying it the top of Flash. The Second Coming builds a laser gun and tries to shoot Alan's cursor. Alan dodges for a little while but The Second Coming grabs the other end of the string and pulls it as far as it can go so Alan can't move his cursor. The Second Coming shoots him with his gun and Alan's cursor is destroyed. Alan tries to move his cursor but it doesn't work because it's gone. The Second Coming now grabs the pencil tool and draws a stick figure. next he adds a few extra touches to make it look like a Strong Man. It looked amazing. Meanwhile, Alan was making a new cursor in the Control Panel. After he was done, he closed the Control panel and saw what The Second Coming did. He created lots of animations to destroy Flash. He drew a Woodpecker, an Alligator, and a big guy. (Not to mention wings for himself.) Alan selected everything and was about to press delete. But then, he looked at his drawings. They were awful. Then he looked at The Second Coming's drawings. They were amazing. He decided not to delete them. Meanwhile, the big guy grabbed his cursor and started punching it. Alan saw this and was forced to delete them. The Second Coming fell (as he had drawn himself wings) and Alan put him in a thin box. The Second Coming managed to escape, only to find himself put in a thicker box. Alan closed in the walls of the box so that The Second Coming could barely move. Alan moved his cursor closer toward the stick figure. Finally, The Second Coming said, "STOP!!". Out loud, Alan said, "it...talks?" Alan and The Second Coming had a conversation "you talk?" "DON'T DELETE ME PLEASE" "I'm not gonna delete you. You need to calm down." "you need to die" "Hey stick figure. You're a really good animator." "what?" "If you help me animate, I'll let you free, as long as you don't wreck my computer." "no" "Why not??" "you ended my friends" "Oh." Alan puts Facebook and Flash next to each other so The Second Coming could see. He switched into the Stick Figures Fight tab, clicked reload, and the Fighting Stick Figures are seen playing cards, until the red one sees The Second Coming. They all wave to him, and he says "when do we start?" Five months later, we see Alan at his computer again, except this time, we see him animating with The Second Coming. He's animating a lot better this time. We see way better pictures around the computer, one that even has this: "taught by *picture of orange stick figure*". Once they finish the frame Alan types "good?" And The Second Coming nods and says "next frame please". Both of them help each other draw an amazing winged horse. "let's watch it!" The stick figure hops on the play button and an animated film of a winged horse plays. "high five dude." Alan switches to the hand tool and they both high five. Then he says "break time!" Alan saves the animation and The Second Coming switches to the Fighting Stick Figures tab. There he knocks on the door (where he broke through before) and the green one let him in. everyone poses and green waves his hand like he's counting from 3 to 1 and they all start fighting. Everyone comes after The Second Coming but he wins the match. The Fighting Stick Figures (who are now on the ground, stunned) all clap for The Second Coming. They are happy. The Second Coming leaps into the air in triumph.



  • This is the first video that Alan has made with Windows 7 as the windows operating system.
  • Alan's new computer is Asus.
  • Curiously, you can see the Second Coming seemingly changing into the Chosen one when glitching and flashing during the Task Manager scene.
  • Also, The Second Coming's description in Task Manager says "The Chosen One's return". This most likely implies that the "spirit" of the Chosen One went on to become The Second Coming after Alan Becker's computer was destroyed in AVA 3.
  • This is the second time Alan uses Adobe Flash, and the first time he uses Google Chrome.
  • One of his friends were complaining about what he did but The Second Coming is the one doing this.
  • iTunes just returned but with a newer version.
  • Sticksfight.com is a real website, similar to Stickfigure Rights, although it just shows an animation of the fights scene and it isn't a fighting game, nor do the stick figures come out of the animation and onto the desktop.
  • This was the first time that the main stick figure isn't black. In Animator vs. Animation 3, the Dark Lord is red (which was a secondary stick figure). In Animator vs. Animation 4, the Second Coming is orange who is the main stick figure. This means that this is the second time a stick figure is not black and the 1st time the main stick figure hasn't been black.
  • When The Second Coming goes to Alan's iPhone, the Kindle logo kid's book falls, and he gets the green book from the Newsstand icon.
  • This is the only animation not currently posted on Newgrounds, possibly because of the live action scenes.
  • The Dark Lord is not mentioned in the Plot above because he nor his name appear in this film. This is due to him essentially being killed in the ending of AVA 3 along with the Chosen One.
  • It should be noted that many subtle details in AVA 4 imply that The Chosen One eventually became the Second Coming.
  • Currently, this is the only video to reach over 1 million likes on Facebook
  • Not many icons appear in this video.
  • The video is regarded by fans to be the best Animator vs Animation in the series.
  • It is the 2nd most viewed video on Alan's Youtube channel, only beaten by Animation vs Minecraft.
  • This is the only animation by Alan where a stick figure travels outside the computer (iPhone scene)

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