Animator vs. Animation II
Season 0, Episode 2
Air date March 15, 2007
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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Animator vs. Animation II is the second flash movie of the Animator vs. Animation series. It is the first video to include both Noogai3 and The Chosen One. It was released on on November 4th, 2006, released on Newgrounds on March 15, 2007 and on YouTube on May 14, 2007.


Noogai3 draws a stick figure in Flash, right-clicks on it and clicks "Convert to Symbol". Any stick figure animation he makes can be set to differen levels, each one being harder than the last. He goes through "victim" (seen in Animator vs. Animation), "killer", "BEAST", and finally settles on "The Chosen One", the hardest difficulty. The Chosen One then pulls his hands towards its chest and causes a giant explosion, burning the select box in the process. He throws the flame from the explosion towards Noogai3, and breaks a scroll bar and uses it as a weapon against Noogai3. Noogai3 opens a library containing an arsenal of weapons, and throws an Axe at The Chosen One, who quickly grabs it and throws it right back at him, destroying a scroll bar. Noogai3 then drags out a shotgun and chooses "Aim and Fire". It then starts shooting The Chosen One, but he easily dodges the bullets and destroys the gun. Noogai3 then drags out a pistol and rocket launcher and again selects "Aim and Fire". A bullet and rocket is shot at The Chosen One, but he dodges the attacks. The Chosen One then uses a laser beam to destroys the weapons and the entire Flash interface itself. Some timeline frames (a reference to Animator vs. Animation) start falling on him, which he destroys with his fire breath. He then breaks the library window and escapes onto the desktop. Noogai3 minimizes the window and comes after him.

The Chosen One then begins to dig through the Recycle Bin and pulls out three files labelled "junk", "crap" and "crappy junk", but Noogai3 drags it away. He then rips up a text file named "songlist", flies up and burns through a Word document named "requiredessay", and uses the Mozilla Firefox icon to propel himself down to a cabinet file named "data", waking Firefox up. He begins rustling through the cabinet, but it is burned by Firefox. While attacking Firefox, The Chosen One accidentally hits AIM with fire, waking him up. Firefox launches himself towards The Chosen One, but The Chosen One kicks Firefox in the Recycle Bin. Firefox then blows up the Recycle Bin, releasing the deleted files, but The Chosen One quickly freezes it. AIM then uses Windows Media Player to launch explosive music notes towards The Chosen One, but the Chosen One grabs one of the notes and launches it towards Windows Media Player, blowing it up. AIM trips and falls into Paint, knocking the brushes out of the cup, and grabs two brushes, while The Chosen One grabs one brush.

Noogai3 takes the opportunity to quickly login to AIM, but all of his buddies except for Programmer021 are offline. He starts talking to Programmer021, asking for advice on how to defeat The Chosen One. Meanwhile, AIM and The Chosen One battle on top of Noogai3's chat bar, bouncing eachother around with the paint brushes. AIM then decides to grab the hammer from Game Maker to kill The Chosen One, but The Chosen One kicks the ball and hits Adobe Photoshop, awakening it. AIM and The Chosen One wrestle for the hammer, but Adobe Photoshop destroys the hammer while trying to attack The Chosen One. The Chosen One and Adobe Photoshop briefly battle, but he aggressively forces Photoshop's laser back at it, which kills it and causes a massive explosion, scattering icons and documents everywhere. This awakens My Computer, but he waits for AIM to finish his fight before attacking.

AIM then grabs the Paint cup and smashes it over The Chosen One's head. Programmer021 is about to tell Noogai3 what to do, but The Chosen One grabs the chat window and smashes AIM in the chest with it, killing him instantly and causing the chat window to disappear. Noogai3 then right clicks on AIM, and all options are disabled except for Delete and two options for sending him to Heaven or a Graveyard. The Chosen One then summons a lightning bolt to strike Flash, burning it to a crisp.

My Computer, angered, attacks The Chosen One by whacking him with its mouse. The Chosen One tries to use fire breath against it, but it is blocked by the Firewall. The Chosen One tries to kick it, but is blocked by a security shield. While they are fighting, Noogai3 decides to start a scan with Avast! Antivirus in a final attempt to stop The Chosen One. The Chosen One then rips the mouse out of My Computer, and in a fit of rage it shoots several CDs at him. However, this proves to be its demise, as The Chosen One launches the CDs into the computer, causing it to have to load the data and freeze up. Noogai3 begins the scan, and The Chosen One knocks over My Computer and heads for the Start Menu.

He jumps on the Start button, and swallows the "Help and Support", "Search", and "Run" icons. HE then lifts the Turn Off Computer button and is about to step on it, but just before he is startled by the massive alarm noise made by Avast. Avast then sends a bunch of miniature lightning bolts after him, which he attempts to destroy but he is defeated within seconds. The Chest from Avast then catches him.

Afterwards, Noogai3 enslaves The Chosen One, and forces him to be a pop-up blocker. Noogai3 logs into a website while The Chosen One burns down repeated pop-ups. Defeated, he sits back and then the screen fades to black with "THE END".



  • This is the first in the series to have a talking program (the Avast! Antivirus). The next one would be Clippit a.k.a. Clippy from Animator vs. Animation III.
  • This is the first, and only appearance of Programmer021.
  • The Ball of Game Maker, red pen of Paint and the Tablet of Wacom Tablet disappeared after they fell.
  • Papers from My Documents fell to the text and My Computer. Video clips from My Videos went to Wacom Tablet Text and one went to My Computer.
  • This is the last movie with sound effects from Pink Army.
  • This is the first movie with sound effects from Animator vs. Animation.
  • It took place in Windows XP.
  • The video got 2 remakes, a HD One, and one with music performed by members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.


  • The icon of Adobe Photoshop 7.0 is actually that of the icons used in versions 4.0 and 6.0.
  • In the Start Menu in Internet, Mozilla Firefox is there undefeated, but in the Recent Programs, Mozilla Firefox appears frozen.
  • Before AIM got the Hammer from Game Maker, The Game Maker dosen't have a shortcut.
  • When Mozilla Firefox destroys the Recycle Bin, "crappy junk" does not come out.
  • The pen of the Wacom Tablet and a few shortcuts dissapeared after the AIM chat destroyed.





Animator vs. Animation II (HD)

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