Animator vs. Animation
Season 0, Episode 1
Air date June 3, 2006 (USA)
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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Animator vs. Animation (HD)

Animator vs. Animation (HD)

Animator vs. Animation is the first flash movie of the Animator vs. Animation series. It was released on Newgrounds on June 3, 2006, and released on YouTube on May 14, 2007.


The Animator creates a stick figure, clicks on it and chooses "Convert to Symbol" and names it victim. The stick figure looks around the sides

Programmer creates the Victim

and attempts to escape the box it is in. It escapes after the programmer tries to crush it, where it hits the corner and destroys the box. It jumps onto the cursor and eventually gets to the tool pane. The Programmer selects the lasso tool and ties up the stick figure, but he eventually gets out of

The programmer shoots frames at the Victim

the lasso and gets the brush. Meanwhile, the programmer draws a gun ray. The programmer attempts to shoot him but the stick figure squirts water on it with an eyedropper and it explodes, causing the frames from the timeline to fall out. The programmer creates a gun that shoots timeline frames, but the stick figure blocks the frames by using the eraser tool. The stick figure then shoots the eraser tool at the cannon, destroying it. The stick figure opens the flash library while the programmer tries to stop him by throwing a ninja star

The Victim and the clones he made fighting the animator

at him. The Animator then ties him up with the lasso tool. It squish him more. He attempts to delete the "victim" symbol, but the stick figure crosses the option out. The victim draws the line by using the paintbrush. The victim then reaches the picture of himself and uses it to create duplicates of himself. The Victim and the clones will get ready. The duplicates attempt to round up the cursor and fight, but the programmer reaches the exit button and clicks it without saving. The screen becomes dark and the words, "THE END" are displayed. The words, "By Alan Becker" appear shortly after, crediting him.



  • This is the only video that does not take place outside of Flash.
  • Many people might mistake Flash for MS Paint.
  • This is the first movie with sound effects from Pink Army.
  • This episode made a cameo in Animation Vs. YouTube.
  • This is the only video that all characters have one appearance.
  • This is the only time The Chosen One doesn't appear.
  • This the one of the 2 short animation videos. The second one is Animator vs. Animation II.


  • When Victim/Jerry (Alan named him that on the Subtitles on Youtube) is converted to a symbol, the window says movie clip, though when we see the library, it's a graphic.

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